Primary Staff

Teaching Staff
Senior Leadership Team
Ms Jo Spencer Interim Principal
Ms Tam Broadway Primary Headteacher and Vice Principal
Mr Gareth Marshall-Jones Primary Deputy Headteacher
Ms Nichola West Primary Deputy Headteacher
Phonics Lead
Ms Farhana Ali
Year - Reception
Ms Amaaarah Shehzad Primary Teacher
Ms Farhana Uddin Primary Teacher
Ms Aniqah Rahman Primary Teacher
Ms Rojmin Raje Primary Teaching Assistant
Ms Sunaina Patel Primary Teaching Assistant
Year - 1
Ms Nicola Cush-Etter Primary Teacher
Ms Amy Willcox Primary Teacher
Ms Jonida Kempster Primary Teacher
Ms Mandip Palray Primary Teaching Assistant
Mr Simba Mika SEND Primary Teaching Assistant
Mr Shareef Ali SEND Primary Teaching Assistant
Year - 2
Ms Fatima Khan Primary Teacher
Ms Huriya Fiaz Primary Teacher
Ms Sidrah Malik Primary Teacher
Ms Sarah Ajrullah Primary Teaching Assistant
Ms Clare McKernan Primary Teaching Assistant
Year - 3
Ms Sarah Knox Primary Teacher
Mr Michael Flint Primary Teacher
Ms Leanne Howard Primary Teacher
Ms Abbie Genc Primary Teaching Assistant
Ms Afshan Anwar SEND Primary Teaching Assistant
Year - 4
Ms Alina Raza Primary Teacher
Ms Faiza Chowdhary Primary Teacher
Ms Sanna Jeremy Primary Teacher
Ms Sabena Peer Primary Teaching Assistant
Ms Jinny Walia SEND Primary Teaching Assistant
Ms Rizwana Bashir SEND Primary Teaching Assistant
Ms Pardeep Chaggar Primary Office Manager / PA to Primary Head
Ms Raufsana Begum Primary Administrator / Receptionist
Ms Sally Gilley Primary Cook Manager
Mr Kamal Khellas Catering Assistant
Ms Christie Christodoulou Senior Lunchtime Supervisor / After school club co-ordinator
Ms Helen Bradshaw Breakfast Club Supervisor
Ms Baljinder Kaur Primary Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Noreen Islam Primary Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Shasta Amin Primary Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Nadia Chaudhary Primary Lunchtime Supervisor / After school club supervisor
Ms Shaima Khanum Primary Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Nazneen Shabwany Primary Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Mandy Yip Primary Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Swaiba Quanita Primary Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Maryyam Masood Primary Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Jessica Wallace Primary Lunchtime Supervisor