GCSE Certificate Collection

If you did not attend the GCSE Presentation Evening on Thursday 30th November, please collect your GCSE certificates from the main reception. Certificates will only be issued to the named candidate and must be collected with photo ID. Friends/Parents/Carers will not be permitted to collect certificates on behalf of a student.


In accordance with JCQ guidelines, Isaac Newton Academy will only hold unclaimed certificates for two years.


Below are Isaac Newton Academy’s key policies and documents pertaining to examinations.

Examination Policy June 2018
Controlled assessments policy 2017
Examinations - Complaints and Appeals 2017-18 June 2018
Access Arrangements Policy June 2018
Disablity Exams Policy 2018 june 2018
Internal appeals procedures June 2018
Non-examination assessment policy June 2018
Exams Lockdown Policy June 2018
Exams Archiving Policy June 2018
Exam Contingency Plan June 2018
GDPR Examinations Policy June 2018
Word processor & Exams policy June 2018