Current vacancies at Isaac Newton Academy

By joining an Ark school, you will have fantastic opportunities to develop. We provide excellent bespoke training – from courses to network training days - available at every stage in your career. On top of this, you will work with other outstanding people across our network, helping to shape the futures of the children in our schools.

Job NameClosing Date
A level Economics Teacher (part time or full time)30th Mar, 11:00 am
English Teacher18th Apr, 11:00 am
Head of Humanities18th Apr, 12:00 pm
Head of Maths27th Mar, 11:00 am
KS5 Maths Coordinator/ Teacher of Maths TLR 2a7th Apr, 11:00 am
Second in English Department18th Apr, 11:00 am
Teacher of Maths14th Apr, 11:00 am


We know that the brain is like a muscle, in that its intelligence grows with exercise. Scientists are learning that people have more capacity for life-long learning and brain development than they ever thought.

Although individuals have a unique genetic endowment and start with different temperaments and aptitudes, we know that experience, training and effort are critically important. It is not always those who start out the smartest who end up the smartest.