We are delighted to have built a very strong partnership with the Isaac Newton Academy parents. We know how important a strong partnership between school and home is for the general well-being and academic progress of students.


Our links with families start before a child joins the school, with a visit from a senior member of staff to the home. This enables us to really get to know the student and those they live with, to assess any particular needs they might have and to hear about their strengths, interests and passions.


Each year we hold Progress Meetings for every year group where subject teachers feed back to parents and carers on their child’s performance and progress. We have had 100% attendance from parents at our progress meetings to date. We also send home reports termly in primary and half termly in secondary.


Each year we ask all parents and carers to complete our parent questionnaire in February and we achieve a return rate of well over 90%. This information helps us to gauge how parents are feeling about all aspects of our educational provision and to action plan accordingly.


At Isaac Newton Academy we very much want parents to be involved in witnessing and celebrating their children’s achievements. Many parents attend our end of term awards assemblies, sports day, school productions and fundraising events. In addition we hold regular evening workshops to inform parents about various aspects of our work and the curriculum. These include workshops on phonics and Maths Mastery (primary) esafety, reporting, Harkness teaching, the BRIDGES framework, Independent Learning and Literacy (secondary).