BTEC Business

BTEC Business is a popular and widely recognised vocational qualification offering a stepping stone into a large range of careers and higher education. We have specialist business teachers with years of experience not only in teaching but also in the commercial sector to ensure that students are taught to the highest standards.

Practical application is an integral part of our course and we offer students every opportunity to showcase their business acumen and develop transferrable skills. Students learn through fundamental vocational approaches entailing research, investigation, problem solving and analysis to strengthen their knowledge. Here at INA we have an integrated approach to learning Business BTEC where students not only master their subject area but also get opportunities to enrich their learning experience when applying the subject in a real life context. Business BTEC also lends itself extremely well to the development of core literacy and mathematical skills which are key to success at university, work-life and beyond.

The topics studied are structured and broken down into a series of units and include the following:

  • Exploring Business
  • Developing a Marketing Campaign
  • Personal and Business Finance
  • Managing an Event
  • International Business
  • Principles of Management
  • Recruitment and Selection Process
  • Team Building in Business

BTEC Level 3 National Diploma Business – Delivery Plan

Year 1


Unit Title GLH (390) Assessment method Lessons per week Term
Unit 1


Exploring Business 90 Internal 5  Term 1 - September - December
Unit 8


Recruitment & Selection Process 60 Internal (Optional) 5 Term 1  - September December
Unit 2 Developing a marketing Campaign 90 External 10 Term 2 - January – May/June
Unit 4


Managing an Event 90 Internal 5 Term 3 – May/June - July
Unit  9 Team Building in Business


60 Internal (optional) 5 Term 3 – May/June - July



Year 2




Assessment method Lessons per week Term
Unit 3


Personal and Business Finance 120 External 10 Term 1 - September – December (Jan Exam)
Unit 6


Principals of Management 120 External 10 Term 2 - January - May/June
Unit 5


International Business 90 Internal 10 Term 3 - May/June - July