Why study chemistry at Isaac Newton Academy?

Our subject specialist teachers have decades of experience teaching A-level chemistry to hundreds of successful students in their previous schools. We believe in a rigorous and challenging chemistry education which leaves students well prepared for the next stages of their academic careers.

Practical Chemistry skills are at the heart of our curriculum and we value that technical expertise as key to success at university and beyond. Chemistry is an extremely versatile science and it is well regarded as a facilitating subject rich in literacy and mathematical development for any future area of study. Chemistry is the key science for further study in medicine and medicinal science and our team has a great deal of experience in supporting students through the highly competitive process of medical school applications.    

Topics studied include:

•             Advanced atomic structure

•             Redox reactions

•             Chemical Equilibria including Le-Chetaliers principle

•             Thermodynamics & Chemical Kinetics

•             Transition metal chemistry

•             Carbonyl compounds and Organic synthesis

Chemistry helps you to develop research, problem solving and analytical skills. It helps to you challenge ideas and show how you worked things out through logic and step-by-step reasoning. Chemistry often requires teamwork and communication skills too, which is great for project management.

Preparation for the course:

It is essential you are prepared for the rigours of chemistry at A-level

If you have studied Double Science at GCSE

Download this summer learning pack: Double Science Summer learning

If you studied Triple Science at GCSE

Download this summer learning pack: Triple Science Summer learning

The following books will ensure you are well prepared to start your AQA A-level in chemistry:

The following are excellent websites to explore and expand your current understanding of Chemistry: