Following a meeting on 13 March 2019, the Friends of INA (FOINA) elected the following individuals to key roles:

  • Sadef Haroon - Chair
  • Dee O` Neale - Co Chair
  • Nida Salahuddin - Treasurer
  • Monica Williams- Co Treasurer
  • Jenice Layne-Joseph - Secretary

In March 2019, Friends of INA (FOINA) has regrouped. It is led by Tam Broadway, Head Teacher – Primary School. FOINA consists of both primary and secondary parents. Carers and guardians are welcome to join and get involved where possible. Each year FOINA organises fundraising and social events. The monies raised by FOINA will be used to purchase resources and equipment for both secondary and primary pupils.

We look forward to making FOINA a continued success and encourage others to join us. We want to work together in a robust manner that will aid in achieving collective goals in the year ahead.