Year 7 & 8 Model

The Year 7 & 8 Curriculum Model

The school week comprises 29 one hour lessons:

5 Maths, 5 English, 4 Science, 4 Humanities (History, Geography and RE), 2 Modern Languages, 2 Music, 2 PE, 1 Art, 1 Technology, 1 Drama, 1 Reading, 1 BRIDGES.

The 180 students are divided into 8 tutor groups in year 7 (4 on each year half). These are mixed in terms of prior attainment, feeder primary, gender, ethnicity, SEN, FSM etc. Students study the following subjects in their tutor groups: MFL (year 7), Art, Technology, Drama, Music, BRIDGES, Big Band, Reading, PE (although there are some single gender PE lessons). In Year 8 students are in MFL groups according to the language they study. The 4 tutor groups in each year half are arranged into 4 sets for Maths (according to prior attainment in Maths), Science (according to prior attainment in Science) English (according to prior attainment in English) and Humanities.