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What is Drama and Theatre A level and why study it?

Drama and Theatre is an exciting and varied course which offers you the opportunity to pursue something that you really love! This subject will allow you to develop your interest in exploring the human experience, social history, and the artistic and cultural function that theatre has played through the ages. Studying Drama and Theatre develops sociability and emotional intelligence, allowing us to understand ourselves through intellectual, social and artistic explorations, and through challenging and questioning the world around us.


There will be opportunities to:

  • devise original pieces of drama as performer, director and designer
  • practically explore a range of important theatre practitioners
  • explore the social, cultural, historical and political context of both practitioners and playwrights
  • study a variety of culturally and historically diverse play texts that range from theatrical classics to modern contemporary pieces


You will be assessed through:


  1. Practical performance examinations – both internally and externally assessed
  • Devised drama (with accompanying portfolio)
  • Scripted drama


  1. Final Written Exam
  • The study of three play texts exploring a range of social, historical and cultural contexts
  • Demonstration of knowledge and understanding in interpreting texts for performance


Where next?

Drama and Theatre complements a wide range of other subjects such as English, Sociology, Music, History, Psychology, Art, or any other subject which requires you to think, write and work creatively, use analysis and work practically.


Universities and employers will see you as a confident, creative and resourceful candidate, which are all skills that global CEO’s believe are crucial for the future success of businesses. Drama and Theatre A level demonstrates your ability to manage your time, work practically and collaboratively, be creative and perform under pressure.


What are the entrance requirements?

Grade 5 in GCSE Drama.


Grade 6 in GCSE English language.


Who do I need to see for more information?

Ms J Rayner, Head of Drama