Year 10 GCSE Parent Workshop

Date: Wednesday 26th September 2018



GCSE Parent Workshop: Success at GCSE and beyond!


Wednesday 26th September

6pm start


All parents and students in Year 10 are invited to attend a GCSE parent workshop led by Ms Skyers (Pastoral Leader Year 10) and Ms McEvoy (Assistant Principal).  Covering the three areas of ‘How KS4 is different to KS3’, ‘Supporting your child’ and ‘Next steps’, this workshop will equip parents and students for success at GCSE and point towards the next steps for going beyond to sixth form and A level.  There will also be an opportunity for parents to ask questions.  We expect this workshop to end by 6.45pm.

Please note: subject teachers will not be in attendance.


Parents of students in other year groups, looking ahead to GCSE, are welcome to attend.


We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 26th September at 6pm.