Former INA student becomes school governor

Tuesday 17 November 2020


Since leaving INA in Summer 2019, I have embarked on an exciting new pathway in my degree apprenticeship with Queen Mary University and the RSA. It has been a challenging, engaging and empowering experience so far where I have been able to learn and study whilst I am working, whilst gaining opportunities that I had never thought I’d have before leaving INA.


My Degree Apprenticeship is in Business Management with Social Change. My programme involves me working 3 days of the week with my employer, the RSA, and 2 days of the week studying a Business Management degree course at Queen Mary University of London.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my apprenticeship so far as I have been able to learn and develop many new skills and characteristics whilst working in a range of teams, from areas such as Finance to Research. The programme has given me excellent opportunities to develop essential skills in the work environment, whilst enabling myself to grow as a person.


During lockdown, the shift to working from home and studying online was a significant change as it meant not being able to fully immerse myself in the work environment, and not having easy and direct contact with colleagues that were supporting and mentoring me within the workplace. However, as time has gone on, working during lockdown has still enabled me to continue being productive through contributing positively to the workplace and getting involved in a range of live projects at work.


During my time at INA, I was always curious and intrigued by the role of a school governor. I was prominently asking teachers such as Ms Spencer and Ms Abbott-Jones about what a school governor does, and if a student one day could become a governor for the school. The opportunity for me to become a school governor arose a few months after leaving INA, and I was extremely excited to get involved.


This is mainly because INA has presented me with many opportunities and given me the ability to progress well in my career. Being able to give back and provide support to the school was something that I couldn’t turn down. Being a governor for the school, I hope to contribute to improving the student experience at the school, as well as working to help enable greater careers advice and opportunities for the students to benefit from.


Written by Adarsh Ramchurn


Adarsh was also recently featured in the Ilford Recorder talking about his apprenticeship and journey during lockdown: