INA Careers Fair 2020


On Friday 7th February students from Years 11-13 participated in the Isaac Newton Academy Careers Fair. The event was split into two halves: the careers fair and the speed networking session.


The speed networking session consisted of over 30 business professionals from the world of finance and trading. Students had a couple of minutes at each station to talk to the professionals before they moved on to the next station. This gave students the opportunity to interact and engage with trading professionals and ask questions about the industry.


The careers fair comprised of numerous company stands, where students could approach the professionals and find out more about the industry and their company in particular. A wide range of organisations attended, including the Ministry of Justice, Deloitte, the Competitions Market Authority, KPMG, ENGIE, Morgan Stanley and many more.


The students were praised by the visiting professionals for their engagement and inquisitive minds. Some students displayed fantastic BRIDGES dispositions and secured work experience placements with the companies there and then.


Photos from the event can be found at the bottom of this page. Thank you to all the companies that attended and made it such a successful event.


Our Year 11 students said:


“I feel like today was a really good opportunity I feel like our whole year group gained knowledge about what to do next. For example I haven’t had an idea of what I want to do with my future but the advisers they said to do lots of research and try and get work experience. Through work experience you can get lots of insight and realise what you like and don’t like. It was very useful.” Tanisha Rahaman, Year 11


“I found today really helpful. I wasn’t too sure about what I wanted to do in the future but I have spoken to a couple of people at the different tables and they have given me lots of ideas. For example, the Engineering advisers were really interesting and helpful and now I am considering going into engineering. It was really beneficial”. Jordan Singh, Year 11


“It has been a really useful event, a once in a lifetime opportunity, to get a real insight into how things work and different career paths we can choose. It has helped me get an idea of what I want to do. I have spoken to people in careers that I wasn’t necessarily interested in, and people in careers I am interested in and it has given me an idea of what direction I might want to go in. At the moment I am quite interested in finance as a career. I made a comment to one of the visitors about a company I predict taking over another company and he was really impressed and shook my hand.” Krishna Gohil, Year 11


“I think it was quite interesting talking to lots of different people in lots of different careers. I have always been interested in Science as a career but today has opened my eyes up to other options such as law and how there are lots of opportunities for work experience in different industries.” Dhruvika Divecha, Year 11



Our Sixth Form students said:


“The speed networking event was really insightful. Considering most of the companies were finance based, I learnt that actually it’s about the transferrable skills that you pick up through school and university that are important, rather than the actual degree you specialise in.” Denice Jaquilmac, Year 13


“The careers fair is a great opportunity to gain an insight of the big world. It was a chance to network and seek placements for work experience with groups such as Engie. The staff were very friendly and made us feel very welcome. They answered our questions very well and cleared up any misconceptions we had.” Haid Mukarram, Year 13


“The careers fair really gave me an insight into not only what I might want to study at university, but also what steps I could take post-university or post-apprenticeship. I think after today I am leaning more towards a degree apprenticeship; I think the structure would suit me well.“ Alfie Southall, Year 13


“The speed networking was a great insight into the financial industry. I really enjoyed the experience and it has made me want to pursue a career in this industry now.” Saleem Kidiya, Year 13


“It has been very useful and informative. There are a lot of opportunities available and I’ve learnt about careers I had never even considered before, but now I can consider as an option.” Imaan Yusuf, Year 12


“I thought it was a really interesting day. It has shown me lots of different career options which has opened my mind up. I spoke with someone about the path to become a teacher through teaching degrees which was interesting to learn. I feel like today has opened a whole new world of opportunities for me to research into.” Zihan Mollah, Year 12


“I found today really helpful. It has really opened my eyes into the different career options I have ahead of me.” Mya Sehmi, Year 12


“I got an insight into what it would be like to be a barrister in a law firm, as well as the different degree options I could take to get there.” Monique Toor, Year 12


“I have found it useful getting an insight into different careers and the different paths you can take. It’s great to network with so many people from a variety of backgrounds, companies and departments.” Avinash Desai, Year 12


“I have talked with firms that I never thought I would be interested in. For example, there was a construction firm that I didn’t think I would be interested in, but after talking to them I realised that there are lots of possibilities and options that I can research into. It has been very eye-opening.” Aasiya Jilani, Year 12




Our visitors said:


“What is very impressive about the students here is that they are incredibly driven and focused. There is a very diverse group of ambitions amongst them and they are very positive about how the school is helping to guide them in their chosen direction which I think is great. Not all schools offer this level of support. We had about 30 people from all over the city attend and they have really enjoyed meeting the students. Everybody takes something away from today, it has been a very positive experience.” Quentin Nason, Founder of City Pay it Forward


“It was great to meet the local students who seem to have a strong interest in law, legal careers and working in the government. I had some really good conversations with students about what they want to do and how they might be able to eventually have a job at the CMA.” Jason Freeman, Competition and Markets Authority


“Today has been a really good day. The students have been very proactive and asked lots of questions. We have had a lot of questions about apprenticeships which shows how popular they are. The students have shown great networking skills by being very professional in their dress style, giving us a professional welcome, shaking our hands and ending with good conversation exits. We were really impressed that they could confidently navigate a room like this and approach people so well.” Lucy Donelan and Nancy Hawley from RenaissanceRe


“It has been really good. We were very impressed with the students and they have asked some really good questions. They seemed to know a lot about what investment banks do which was great. There are some very motivated young people here at Isaac Newton. I hope we have provided a little bit of inspiration for their next steps and I wish them all the best in their careers.” Daver Khan and Saumya Bhardwaj, Morgan Stanley


“It has been great speaking to the INA students about things we use every day. Most of us have mobile phones, we use the internet, we watch TV, listen to radio, receive parcels etc. and what Ofcom does is regulate that market. We are hoping that the students will show interest in our apprenticeship programme. It has been really great hearing the views of a younger generation and discussing what the future will hold for all of these types of media. It has been a really informative day for us, and hopefully the students.” Eleanor Simmance and Amie Purcell, Ofcom


“Students have shown a lot of interest and have asked about my day to day responsibilities, my lifestyle and my work-life balance. They have shown interest in the company and what steps need to be taken to get a job there. It is good that they are looking into the future this early on and are being proactive about getting opportunities.” Vimal Irinavv, Deloitte


“I think it has been extremely beneficial attending this event. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to have a positive impact on young people and to really show them that there is a plethora of careers and sectors out there and hopefully today has provided some good insight into that. Investment banking is sometimes underrepresented at these sorts of events and what has been great is seeing how many students have taken positively to it and are considering it as a career option. It has been good to see the enthusiasm of these young people and the fact that they are figuring out their career options at this early age is brilliant.” Uzoma Igboaka, Financial Investor


“We have all really enjoyed today and think that the students have engaged with us well and hopefully we have opened their mind as to what accountancy is, and the variety of different options within the industry. We hope to have inspired some of the students to join the industry.” Rob Pullen, Blick Rothenberg


“I think it is nice to see young people really taking their careers into consideration. I can understand that it is quite overwhelming at this age to have to start thinking about career options, however all of the students seem really switched-on, open-minded and passionate about discovering their options, I really respect that.” Amina Aweis, London Screen Academy


“It has been interesting talking to the students today. They are young and enthusiastic and it is a good stage to introduce career options to them. The Year 12 students were particularly inquisitive and asking lots of good questions.” Kostas Tsoris, KPMG