INA Students heading to top destinations

Friday 14 August 2020


Students from Isaac Newton Academy are celebrating achieving places at top universities and apprenticeships following a year affected by the Coronavirus.


As a result of the pandemic, students were not able to take examinations in the usual way and instead received grades based on assessment from Ofqual, the national examinations regulator.


Isaac Newton Academy is delighted that this year’s students continued to build on the success of the founding cohort last year, who secured places at Cambridge, LSE and Imperial College London to name a few. This year students were celebrating again as they secured excellent destinations, including to University College London and Kings College London. The school is also celebrating its first students studying medicine at university.


Isaac Newton Academy Executive Principal, Jane Witheford, said: “I am thrilled to celebrate the successes of our students today, and to see them going on to such exciting destinations. They have worked extremely hard throughout their time at Isaac Newton Academy, and leave the school ready to make a really positive contribution to society. I wish them all the best as they pursue their ambitions. I would also like to say how proud I am of our teachers and support staff who have responded to the changing needs during the COVID-19 crisis with commitment and resilience, providing excellent support for the students throughout.”


Isaac Newton Academy Senior Vice Principal and Head of Sixth Form, Sugra Alibhai, said “It’s a real privilege seeing this year group through to their next steps. Being INA’s second Sixth Form cohort has meant that these students are role models for future generations of Sixth Form students. For the first time we have two students going to study medicine this year which is very exciting. We are so proud of all our students and I am confident that their BRIDGES dispositions and the spirit of striving to achieve further excellence will remain with them in all their future endeavours.”


See some of our student destinations below: 



Amman Kiani, Age 18

Isaac Newton Academy student, Amman Kiani, who got A*s in (Maths and Physics) and an A in (Chemistry) has been offered a place to study Computer Science at Kings College London. Amman has been a student at Isaac Newton Academy since Year 7. “I am really pleased with my results, I will be celebrating with my family today. It will be sad leaving INA as I have received lots of good support from my subject teachers, but I am excited about the challenge of university and becoming more independent.”



Isaac Newton Academy students Mary Brant and Akhil Pillai, are the Academy’s first students to study medicine.



Mary Brant, Age 18

Mary, who got an A* in Maths and As in Biology and Chemistry is set to take up a place studying Medicine at UEA. Mary has been at Isaac Newton Academy since Year 7. “I am feeling happy with my results. I am going to study medicine which I am really passionate about as it is such an interesting and rewarding career. I am excited about my next steps. I can’t wait to share the news with my family.”




Akhil Pillai, Age 18

Akhil Pillai, who got an A* in Maths and As in Biology and Chemistry is set to take up a place studying Medicine at St George’s University of London. Akhil has been at Isaac Newton Academy since Year 7. “I am feeling relieved and happy. I have a really curious nature and continually want to learn new things. Studying Medicine will fulfil my love of learning whilst being able to make a difference. At the moment I aspire to either specialise in surgery or paediatrics. I am sad to be leaving INA, I have received a great deal of support from the teachers who have helped me with the medical application process, but I am excited about going to University.”




Sumayyah Hosenee, Age 18

Sumayyah Hosenee, who got an A* in English Literature and As in History and Psychology is set to take up a place studying Law at UCL. Sumayyah has been at Isaac Newton Academy since Year 7. “I was pleasantly surprised with my results. I have always been interested in law so am excited to study it at university. I am really thankful for the support that staff have given me when I have needed advice about my subjects and personal life. My family are so happy and proud, I have been really nervous this past week, so it is such a relief that I can celebrate with my family today.”




Haaris Waseem, Age 18

Haaris Waseem, who got D* D* D* (Distinction) in Business BTEC is set to take a place at Queen Mary University studying Business. Haaris has been at Isaac Newton Academy since Year 7.“I would like to go into corporate finance one day so studying business is something I am excited to do. I am quite sad today as it marks the end of an era at INA. The teachers have always been really helpful to me. Studying BTEC at INA was really good and I am glad I went down that route instead of A levels as it has helped me decide what I want to do.”




Fariha Choudhury, Age 18

Fariha Choudhury, who got an A* in Psychology and As in Mathematics and Economics is set to take up a place studying Computer Science at Kings College London. Fariha has been at Isaac Newton Academy since Year 7. “I was so nervous about today but am so happy now that I have my results. I am excited about studying at Kings College. I am really happy that I came to this school, I don’t think I would have achieved grades like this anywhere else and I am looking forward to celebrating with my friends and family.”




Naym Rahman, Age 19

Naym, who got DDD in Business BTEC is set to take up a place at Middlesex University studying Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. “I am feeling really relieved. I passed all my entry requirements. It has been a really tough few years as my father fell ill, so I have been working up to 3 jobs to help support my family whilst in Sixth Form. I was weighing up between an apprenticeship and university, but I have decided to go to university. I am really proud of myself and what I have achieved the past year. Alterning my mindset and working hard has definitely paid off. I am looking forward to the future.”




Avneet Sanghera, Age 18

Avneet Sanhghera, is set to take up a Level 7 Apprenticeship at Deloitte. Avneet joined Isaac Newton Academy in Sixth Form. “I am really happy with my results. I got into my firm university choice and I have been offered a level 7 apprenticeship at Deloitte which I think I am going to accept. I am looking forward to working whilst gaining a qualification as you gain real life experience as well. I am quite keen to go into trading and investment banking one day as I find it really interesting as I have always enjoyed maths and numbers. I joined INA for Sixth Form and I am so glad I did. I have gained lots of experience here, for example I did work experience with Morgan Stanley which was amazing. The teachers here have been really supportive. There have been stressful times but the hard work really does pay off. I can’t wait to share my results with my family.”




Ekonkar Deerhe, Age 18

Ekonkar Deerha, who got Bs in Mathematics and Economics and a D in Physics is set to take up a Level 4 Finance and Accountancy apprenticeship at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). “When considering whether to go to university or go for an apprenticeship I realised an apprenticeship suited me more as I get to work and gain a qualification at the same time. I have been at INA since Year 7 and it has been good growing with the school and having the teachers see you grow up. It is a double celebration today as it is my 18th birthday so I am looking forward to celebrating.”