INA Youth Travel Ambassadors Pitch

Monday 27 March 2017

The Youth Travel Ambassadors of INA had to give a pitch to the organisers of the Youth Travel Ambassadors scheme to explain to them what our travel issues were and what their travel plan was. If they thought it was good enough, with all the issues and solutions well explained, they then would agree to give them £250, to implement the solutions.

"The pitch took place in our school hall and we were joined by four other schools, five schools in total. We also had three judges, judging everyone’s pitch to see it they deserved the £250. The order in which the schools presented their pitch was very fair and was simply picked out of a hat. Isaac Newton Academy was called out to pitch last, but they definitely saved the best 'till last!

The Youth Travel Ambassadors gave a confident pitch, explaining all that they wanted to do and the effect it would have on the school. They then presented a video to visually show the issues and it was a big success. We were asked for the video to be shown to the schools that attended the event and it has also been shown to years 7, 8, 9 and 10 in assembly, to give them a wakeup call.

Whilst the judges deliberated, the YTA members got to socialise with members from other schools, discussing with them their issues as well as ours. It was a very successful day and all five schools ended up going home with £250."

Written by Shama Daula


Well done to the INA YTA's!