Jennifer Williams, US Embassy, speaks to INA Sixth Form

On Tuesday 12th September, we welcomed Jennifer Williams, US diplomat to INA as part of the Sixth Form Speakers’ Programme.


Jennifer Williams has been a U.S. diplomat for more than ten years, primarily focused on Middle East policy. She has served overseas in Beirut, Lebanon, and Kingston, Jamaica, and has been based at the State Department headquarters in Washington, DC for the past five years. She arrived in London in July 2016 for a three-year assignment as a Press Officer at the U.S. Embassy to the United Kingdom. Before joining the State Department, Jennifer worked for the Department of Homeland Security and has previous experience on political campaigns as well.


Jennifer ran an exciting and dynamic session where students were able to reflect on contemporary issues such as immigration policy, Brexit and Islamophobia. Many thanks to the US Embassy for taking the time to arrange for Jennifer to join us for this session.


Jennifer said: “It was really great speaking with the Isaac Newton Academy Sixth Form students. The students really engaged and asked some great questions. These young adults are at an age where they have started to form strong opinions about current affairs and particularly international issues. They are more engaged with politics and foreign policies, allowing them to participate in discussions where they can express their opinions as well as concerns and frustrations. It is good for us to hear what is on young people’s minds and also allows us to dispel any misconceptions.”


About the INA Speakers’ Programme

At Isaac Newton Academy our aim is to equip students with the knowledge, learning power and character necessary for success at university and beyond. The Speakers’ Programme will support the mission as a mechanism to:


  • Inspire our students through hearing about the journey taken by the speaker to their current role.
  • Understand the roles that BRIDGES characteristics play in lifelong success.
  • Develop a curiosity and openness around professions and cultural experiences that might not sit with their chosen KS5 subjects.
  • Learn more about universities, different careers or new topics.