Our students talk about returning to school

Monday 21 September 2020


We have had a fantastic start to the school year. Students received an induction when they returned to school which gave them time to understand the new safety measures put in place at school, as well as time to reflect on the events of the past six months and reconnect with other students and staff. There have also been specific sessions on safety in the community, emotional well-being and re-establishing routines.


Students were asked to reflect on their experience during the school closure and how they feel about returning to school. See below our student views:


“What I like is that we are staying in our bubbles and still getting a break to get out of the classroom. I have learnt about BRIDGES and that you use them every day and also how to achieve your goals and targets. The main thing I missed about school was being able to be with my friends.”

Tanaya, Year 7


“It’s been an exciting week with lots of catching up with friends”

Alif, Year 11


“I have already learnt many new things such as BRIDGES. I have missed being able to meet up with friends and be social. I like how we do lessons here because it is very interactive and Mr Marecar makes some funny comments . Being able to learn again is relieving and I have enjoyed this week.”

Inayah, Year 7


“I just started INA and I think this school is the best. The learning is amazing. The food, the behaviour and teachers. I am looking to pass all my tests and get good results. The pupils here treat me like their friends and with respect. There are plenty of staff to talk to.”

Wajiha, Year 7


“It was better than expected – the teachers I had were really good and kind.”

Arooj, Year 10


“I like that you get more responsibility which feels like you are older. We learnt about BRIDGES and the school.”

Ibraaheem, Year 7


“At INA I really hope to achieve a lot. I have really liked all of the kind teachers and staff. I really missed school during the break. Although I liked waking up later, I missed learning and playing with my freinds. So far I don’t have many friends, but I hope to make some more. INA is a really great secondary school and Ms Davies is great.”

Saswan, Year 7


“I’m really enjoying INA, it is very organised and prestigious thanks to all the wonderful teachers. During lockdown it gave me a chance to improve and grow my knowledge but I also missed school.”

Zara, Year 7


“My expectations weren’t high because of coronavirus but the preparations were beyond my highest expectations.”

Zaynah, Year 10


“I have enjoyed how welcoming the school is to us, you feel very special. This week I learnt about how the school works. It seems really hard at first but after a while you get used to the environment. I missed being taught by teachers and seeing friends. I enjoy my tutors, they are always there for you.”

Zane, Year 7


“I like that the lessons are fun and the school is organised. I am excited to start learning new things with new teachers.”

Syeda, Year 7


“I was nervous about the new classes and teachers but I enjoyed it and realised we will all get to know each other.”

Tayyibah, Year 10