Rochester Trip

Monday 12 June 2017

During April and May, the Humanities and English departments took 180 year 7 students to the medieval town Rochester, which is more than 800 years old. This was a chance for students to visit one of the best-known Norman cities in England. The annual trip, which now in its fifth year, seems like a rite of passage for INA students. It has given students the opportunity to discover the magnificent cathedral and dominating castle up close. Students were able to walk in the footsteps of religious pilgrims and were able to explore the ruins of the castle and castle grounds. Thank you to all the staff and parents for their support in making this a great trip for the students.


Student reflections on the trip to Rochester

“On Friday 28th April at 9 o’clock am, a group of students from INA went on a fascinating trip to Rochester. They went on this trip as they are studying Medieval Times. I had such an amazing. I learned so much that will definitely help me in class. I’m really glad we came here because it was fun and I had a great time” Zainab - Year 7

“Inside the castle there are many spiral staircases. They were very hard to climb, they were all uneven and bumpy. The castle was enormous - so many rooms. We went up to the very top floor and there was this extraordinary view. At the very top you could see the all of Rochester. It was definitely something to take a few pictures of and it is a view worth the effort of climbing up all those stairs.” Imani - Year 7

“As we were arriving you could see the tower leaning out of the top of the city. There were many different places to visit and to look at different kind of statues. The castle was spectacular.” Raghav - Year 7

“On Friday the 28th we visited Rochester Castle which stands on the east bank of the River Medway. In our groups we had to write a descriptive piece of writing first. And then we went to the cathedral, we discovered so many great things. After that we went inside the actual castle. It was ginormous and it looked magnificent. Overall it was a great trip, experience and fun.” Taukir - Year 7

“It was amazing that the castle is still standing up as it was built in 1127 and the Normal castle itself was fascinating to look at. We climbed up the spiral staircase, which was quite difficult to climb, but in the end it was worth it. On the top floor, the view was quite amazing. On this trip, I learnt a lot about people in the Middle Ages; how their lifestyles were, how religion was important to them and when it came to battle, how their tactics were linked to the castle.” Sakinah - Year 7


“We even entered the church! A crypt was below us, newly open to the public of the church, if I may add. There were many other interesting things pointed out to us too, for example, the arch-shaped structure of the pillars holding up the church being repeated in other parts of Rochester. It seemed like the main architectural design of the town. After a walk through the castle, adventuring the catacombs and the dungeons, we finally made it to the gift ship. There we brought snacks to eat for lunch and a few souvenirs.” Taqi - Year 7