Spelling Bee Competition 2022

Thursday 09 June 2022

In the weeks before half term, students across Years 7 – 10 competed in Isaac Newton Academy’s Spelling Bee competition. Pupils in each form battled to be crowned their class champion; these champions then progressed to the hotly anticipated year group final, held in assemblies. Students were asked to spell difficult words from memory – ‘dubious’ and ‘insinuate’ proved the downfall of some of the contestants!

The winners are as follows:

Isatir Janan - 7B

Ajai Kandeepan – 8I

Lucy Jacobson - 9B

Zeeshan Zia – 10I


Each winner received an Isaac Newton Academy Spelling Bee Champion 2022 trophy to keep, as well as a £10 Amazon voucher.

Many thanks to all the students who took part, and a special note of gratitude to members of staff who participated in a bonus teachers’ round after the students!