Travel & Tea Community Event

Friday 16 June 2017

On Tuesday 13th June, Isaac Newton Academy had the pleasure of hosting a Travel & Tea Community Event at the secondary school. The Academy’s Youth Travel Ambassadors (YTA) organised the event as part of the TFL’s Stars programme in order to raise awareness and promote greener travel in the community.


TFL’s Stars accreditation scheme inspires young Londoners to think differently about travel and its impact on their health, wellbeing and the environment.


In March, the INA Youth Travel Ambassadors pitched to TFL and were awarded £250 to implement the promotion of green travel at the Academy. This money was put towards the Travel & Tea Community Event which included a quiz, a smoothie bike and a presentation from the YTA’s. The event welcomed two guest speakers, Hannah Steele our TFL co-ordinator and Jeremy Tranter our Bike-it officer.   The main focus of the event was to highlight pollution and health and safety issues in the Academy Car Park.  The YTAs showed the video they had made which can be viewed here.


“I really enjoyed the event. We had a smoothie bike which was really cool and I felt confident presenting to the audience as we had done lots of assemblies and rehearsing. People said that they found the event very educational and interesting.”  Riah, Youth Travel Ambassador, Year 8


“The YTA students worked tremendously hard in preparation for the event and we are extremely proud of their continued efforts in promoting safer and greener travel at the Academy.” Sarah Vajushi, YTA Enrichment Support


INA currently has a Silver accreditation, and this year we are working hard towards achieving Gold.