World Book Day at Isaac Newton Academy

Friday 03 March 2017

Isaac Newton Academy celebrated World Book Day with style this year with some fantastic dressing up efforts from students and staff.


Our school librarians, dressed as Mary Poppins and Big Brother, started the day with an assembly to the secondary students. We explored the history of World Book Day, looked at what reading means to different people and discussed what genres of books our students like to read. 


In the Primary Academy, our librarian held two reading sessions. The Reception class listened to a reading of Fantastic Mr Fox whilst Years 1 and 2 listened to the reading of a book called Tarari Tararera, which follows the adventures of Piripu Bibi (and is written in a completely nonsense language!).


Author Helen Donohoe visited Isaac Newton Academy on the release day of her debut book ‘Birdy Flynn’. Helen provided a book signing session for the students as well as a ‘meet and greet’.


The INA Year 9 students held a 1-hour long Q&A session with Helen to talk about the inspiration, process and the challenges faced when writing her debut novel. Helen described her journey as an author as well as the development of the books main character Birdy.


“I was truly inspired by the passion and knowledge of all the students at Isaac Newton Academy. They have great reading and writing futures. It was so lovely to see their enthusiasm for books in a world which has become so digital”. Helen Donohoe


The students left the session feeling inspired and motivated by Helen’s story. Students said:


“Helen taught us that even though lots of obstacles will come our way, it is best to persevere. It took her 5 years to write this book but she remained determined and carried on”. Hibbaak (Year 9 student)


“I learnt that everyone goes through struggles in life but with the right amount of determination and inspiration, anything is achievable”. Kaiya (Year 9 student)


“I learnt that you should be what you want to be, believe in yourself – you can reach your goal one day”. Huzaifah (Year 9 student)


“Today was really beneficial, especially for those of us that are aspiring authors. It gave us an in-depth look at the journey towards becoming an author”. Omeir (Year 9 student)


“I have learnt to slow down and look at things from afar to see where I can improve.” Sanwar (Year 9 student)


"Even though I don’t want to be an author myself, I now respect authors more because I can see how much time and effort that they have to put into it”. Thomas (Year 9 student)


“I think this experience has been absolutely amazing. Just to see how much determination you need to meet future obstacles and how you can overcome them.  I may be here at the beginning but if I fight my way through this I can get to my end goal. It doesn’t matter how many people put me down. It has been absolutely amazing“. Avinash (Year 9 student)