Barclays Careers Day

Barclays Careers Day


On Thursday 29th September we welcomed 40 guests from Barclays Capital. They spent the day working with all of our Y11 students; providing workshops in self-confidence, CV writing and interview skills. We were delighted that every student in Y11 received a mock interview.


The students really enjoyed the day and found the sessions invaluable.


“The Barclays Careers Day went extremely well. It was a great experience for all of us in Y11. We were able to have a good insight into what the sixth form will be like and also career paths we might want to take in the future. In addition to this it was inspiring to see the lives of many successful people and what brought them to the position that they are in today. We got to experience how a real life interview would be, which I personally thought was very helpful. Overall the Barclays Careers Day was an amazing experience to be part of” — Simran Larr


“We each experienced three different sessions in order to improve our CV writing skill, our interview skills and our self-confidence. I really enjoyed the day as I had the opportunity to meet many people from an international, highly regarded company, who encouraged us to develop both our academic learning as well as our extra-curricular and ‘outside the classroom’ learning. It was immensely useful and we are now more familiar with the best ways to develop our skills, present ourselves in the best possible was and ultimately get the future job we will be applying for eventually. Overall it was an engaging, informative event that will definitely benefit all of us as we progress through our careers.” — Keanna Bhalla


“I believe that the Barclays Career event was very beneficial and helpful to our year group, as it enabled us to amend our CVs and speak to experienced professionals. The 40 Barclays staff that visited our year group held engaging and constructive sessions which allowed us to consider our future career aspirations. I think this was a great opportunity for us to as any questions regarding our potential paths and also to further our understanding of what employers expect from you during a job interview.” — Arnie Patel


“Having the Barclays Career Day was a very enriching experience for me and the rest of the year group. It was a great opportunity for us to learn more about what is involved after we leave school. We were taught what to put in a CV and how to construct it as well as how to be interviewed; what to do and what to say using the STAR model. It was very inspiring to listen to different Barclays employees and to learn what their journey was and how they went about with their life to get to where they are now. I am personally grateful to be able to partake in such a rewarding experience such as this and I am sure it will be helpful in the future.” — Ibraheem Bhaijee


The Barclays team were really impressed by INA. They commented on our fantastic facilities, enrichment opportunities and the focus of our Y11 students.


“This is the largest careers day we have done by far with 35 Barclays Employees and 180 students. Isaac Newton Academy is a very diverse school; similarly Barclays Capital is a very diverse company so we feel that there is a great match.”


“We organised the day to be completely bespoke to Isaac Newton Academy, so a lot of organisation was in place for the event.”


“There is a huge mix of individuals at INA with a range of personalities. We have been working with both introvert and extrovert students and today has really encouraged some of the students to come out of their shells. It has been extremely enjoyable and rewarding for us at Barclays.”


“Today has been an amazing opportunity for Barclays Capital and we are really excited about building our relationship with Isaac Newton Academy.”


We would like to thank the Barclays team for giving their time to support our students and look forward to welcoming them back in the future.