London Club Trip to the South Bank

London Club Trip to the South Bank

Isaac Newton Academy’s London Club was founded in 2012 by Rachel Macfarlane and Sarah Balsdon to encourage INA students to learn more about our capital city.


“Even though we live right on its doorstep, some of our students do not get the opportunity to visit Central London. London Club at Isaac Newton Academy gives students the chance to visit a variety of locations within London, exposing them to different cultural experiences and giving them confidence to navigate around the city.” Rachel Macfarlane, Principal.


On the 8th October, London Club visited the South Bank - a hub of culture, art and entertainment. The students were tasked with a number of puzzles along the way, requiring them to decipher London-centric slogans, cryptic clues and maps in order to progress along the river front.


Students wandered around Borough Market where they experienced the wide array of food and drink on offer (we LOVED the free samples). They then walked along the river between London Bridge and Waterloo, past the Golden Hinde, Shakespeare’s Globe and the Tate Modern where they stopped for lunch. 


A number of London's landmarks were visible along the river. As well as historic buildings such as St. Paul's Cathedral and Shakespeare’s Globe, students got to admire the new city buildings such as The Shard, the ‘Walkie Talkie’ (20 Fenchurch St), the ‘Gherkin’ (30 St Mary Axe) and the ‘Cheese Grater’ (Leadenhall Building).


 “The London Club trip to the South Bank was amazing! It was so interesting the whole way through and I think this was an unforgettable experience for everyone that came. Walking along the South Bank was really fun. I got an amazing view of the skyline of London. I could see many great monuments including The Shard, Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral.


At the beginning of the journey we all got on an empty train to Stratford Station then got the tube to London and got off at London Bridge Station. We all went to this old and large market called Borough Market. Fun fact: in 2014 Borough Market celebrated its 1000th birthday. As we passed by the stalls I could smell the aroma of cheese. There were many different types of cheese as well. We saw amazing fish too. As we moved on from Borough Market, we went to Southwark Cathedral where we answered some questions on Mary Overie and why she joined the convent. After that our next location was Shakespeare’s Globe. The walk down the South Bank was really fun and interesting. Our next location was the rockpool beach next to the Thames. That was one of my highlights of the day! I was doing what any child would do: throwing stones into the river. Overall I thought this trip is amazing and I would like to go again.” Anish Mistry 8C


 “The London club trip was great fun as I met a lot of people and made new friends. I also learnt a lot of history about London. I was very excited when we went to the Borough Market. At the Borough market we saw sea food, plants, vegetables and an assortment of cheeses from all around the world. The best part of the market was the sample cookies which were amazing. We also saw The Shard. My time at the London Club was fun and amusing. I hope I go next term too.”  Taybah Patel 8W