INA receives Silver Accreditation at TfL STARS ceremony

INA receives Silver Accreditation at TfL STARS ceremony

On 17th October, Isaac Newton Academy received a Silver Accreditation at the TfL STARS Ceremony held at the Camden Centre in London.

The TfL STARS scheme is designed to inspire young Londoners to travel to school sustainably, actively, responsibly and safely by championing active travel behaviours like walking and cycling.

“The average school journey is less than one kilometre, that’s around a 10-minute walk. However, many of these short trips are made by car leading to congestion and an unsafe and polluted environment for us all. By swapping car journeys for active travel, together we can make a real difference to our city.” STARS

The Isaac Newton Academy YTA (Youth Travel Ambassadors) team attended the day which focused on how we can work towards a healthier, less congested London.

 “Our day was packed full of lots of different activities about travel and saving what we have left of the world.  For example, cycling to blend up a smoothie and tube quizzes to inform is about public transport.  At this event our main goal was to come up with a travel plan as a school for 2016-17.  We went through a journey of planning called Bus Route.  We took the issue, the causes and the effects of the issue and came up with solutions that will run in our school, such as Independent Travel Day.  Here we also received our silver badge as we as a school, over two years, have changed over 3% of travel to walking or cycling.  We have run over 30 activities to raise awareness of the best ways to travel.

From this experience I have learned the importance of being young and having a unique perspective.  Thank you Ms Chamberlain for running YTA and letting me and the others take part in amazing experiences!” Shama Daula 8I