Nanotechnology - Visit from Sally Shi

Nanotechnology - Visit from Sally Shi

On the 21st of January, INA welcomed Sally Shi from Southampton University. Sally is currently studying for her PhD in Nanotechnology. Sally split her session into two parts; the first was based around electrical engineering and nanotechnology, the second was an overview of what it is like to study these subjects at Southampton University as well as a look into university life in general. The session was attended by students in both year 9 and 10. All of the students had been recommended by the Science department because of their interest in science.

Sally started the session with a picture quiz; the pictures were of different size of items, ranging from tiny items (nanometres) to large items (kilometres). The students had to guess what the pictures were of and a guess of what measurement could be used for them. Seeing the HIV virus from close up was exciting for the students.

Next Sally showed the students a video of Richard Hammond and his trip to Southampton University for a science TV show. On the show Richard was able to use the same laboratory that Sally currently works in to write his name across a piece of human hair. Sally followed this up with a discussion about the protective clothing that is worn in the lab and the reasons for it.

The final activity of the first part was a discussion about the uses for nanotechnology and the current research Sally and her peers are undertaking. For this activity the students had to wear 3D glasses and look at some images that had been created in the lab (these images were on a Nano scale).

The second part of the session was about Sally’s experience while at Uni. She discussed the facilities that Southampton has to offer, the living arrangements available to university students and the best way to go about ensuring a place at your chosen university.

The event was a great success for both students and our guest speaker. The students definitely had a very interesting morning and hopefully it may have sparked an interest in nanotechnology among some of the attendees.


Student feedback:

"Nanotechnology sounds fascinating, especially for our future."

"This has made me interested in a degree in engineering."

"Nanotechnology is part of everyday life, not just in robots."

"This has helped me with considering what subjects I want to do at A-Level."