Mr Singh’s Sauce CEO speaks to INA Sixth Form

Mr Singh’s Sauce

On Tuesday 26th September, we welcomed Kuldip Singh, CEO of Mr Singh’s Sauce to INA as part of the Sixth Form Speakers’ Programme.


The ‘Mr Singh’s Sauce’ business started in a shed in East London. Now Mr Singh’s products are sold internationally and the brand has been valued at over £1m. With 100,000 followers and 2 million video views, it was a privilege to welcome Kuldip to INA. He spoke passionately about his business and how his journey of resilience, patience and hard work has paid off.


Kuldip said: “The way that teachers are committed to the future of the students here at INA is really impressive. I hope that the students enjoyed the presentation and that my journey has helped them understand the challenges and rewards of business. The sooner that young people can acquire the skills to deal with the many problems that life will throw at them the better. At the end of the day it isn’t about money or status, it is about happiness and having fun and if I can play a small role in helping young people realise that then that’s pretty cool.”


About the INA Speakers’ Programme

At Isaac Newton Academy our aim is to equip students with the knowledge, learning power and character necessary for success at university and beyond. The Speakers’ Programme will support the mission as a mechanism to:

  • Inspire our students through hearing about the journey taken by the speaker to their current role.
  • Understand the roles that BRIDGES characteristics play in lifelong success.
  • Develop a curiosity and openness around professions and cultural experiences that might not sit with their chosen KS5 subjects.
  • Learn more about universities, different careers or new topics.