Sixth Form Speakers' Programme - Talk by Cyril Moloney

Cyril Moloney


INA students are exposed to many excellent teachers, speakers and opportunities, so when someone comes along and makes a truly exceptional impact on the students, there must be something quite special about them. Cyril Moloney, who gave a talk as part of the Speakers Programme on Tuesday 7th November, is indeed an exceptional person.


Cyril calls himself a ‘curious’, rather than an ‘electrical’ engineer, and during his talk he demonstrated that curiosity, along with his passion for learning, to our Sixth Form audience. Cyril has had to deal with health and learning challenges and it is a testament to his grit and hard work that from such a start he has gone on to attain a good degree, become a successful teacher and participated in the development of such a life-changing technology as MRI scanners.


As well as talking to us about his work as an engineer and part-time lecturer, Cyril shared the story behind the development of some highly promising research being conducted in the field of cancer treatment, specifically chemotherapy.


Cyril’s life illustrates the necessity for resilience, perseverance and flexibility in order to successfully achieve your goals. Students were very impressed with his attitude to rejection. Cyril’s reaction to being told ‘No’ to anything he truly wants is to ask what he needs to do to get the ‘Yes’, and to then go away and do it. An invaluable lesson about persistence.


Cyril emphasised his view that chasing material success rather than personal fulfilment, or qualifications rather than actual learning, is not the best path to happiness. The most frequently used adjective when students were asked what they had made of the talk was ‘inspirational’.


"He really spoke to me." Alex, Year 12


"Cyril was unbelievable: he’s dyslexic, has epilepsy, and is on the Autism spectrum – what he’s achieved with his life has changed my perception of life completely. What a legend!" Reuben, Year 12


Cyril really enjoyed his visit and hopes to return to INA again soon. He will be sending information over about various STEM opportunities which will be shared with our Sixth Form students.


"The school was fabulous, one of the best I have attended. I was made very welcome. I am hoping to add INA to the list of schools I visit regularly. It was inspiring how the Year 12 students assist younger students." Cyril Moloney, Curious Engineer