Year 7 Humanities 'Victorian Protest' Workshop

Victorian Protest Workshop


On Wednesday 9th November we were visited by senior lecturers Nadia and Vivi from Queen Mary University of London. They came to INA to deliver a workshop for 31 very fortunate Year 7 students.


The workshop and the parade were designed to engage children with local heritage. This three hour workshop was split into three parts. The first part was a focused workshop where students questioned what protest is, looked at current examples of it and then historical examples of protest. Then they explored local protest in East-End sweatshops. In addition they got to learn Yiddish songs and chants as well as trying to do this in their own languages! In the second and third part of the session they were using their empathy skills to understand what life was like for different characters, so they then prepared banners for their own protests. They then used their banners and rehearsed the 1889 parade re-enactment of East end sweatshops in the playground to our lovely audience of KS4 students enjoying their lunch.


Students were also invited by Nadia and Vivi to the actual re-enactment of East end sweatshops to take place in Tower Hamlets on Sunday 19 November 2017 on Whitechapel Road with music, marching band, singing troupe and historic explanation.


A huge thank you to all of the students involved in the workshop who were very enthusiastic and praised the experience very highly! Also, a heartfelt thank you to Nadia and Vivi who came to INA to run the workshop for us, we really appreciate it.


Ms Hussain Humanities Teacher/Humanities Intervention