INA Student receives full Sixth Form Scholarship to Eton College

Hamza and his father Shaukat Hussain


Muhammad Hamza Shaukat of Isaac Newton Academy has been awarded a full Sixth Form Scholarship to Eton College. Hamza, 16, comes from a humble background in Ilford, East London. Hamza’s parents came to the UK from Pakistan in 2010 when Hamza was just 9 years old. Hamza’s mother, Saima Shaukat, said “I feel very proud and I am a blessed mother. The very moment I heard this marvellous news there were literally tears of joy and happiness in my eyes. I am very thankful to the school for preparing Hamza to accomplish such things”. His father, Shaukat Hussain, said “I thank God for his blessings on my family and also thank the school for all their support they have given Hamza to achieve this”.


Hamza joined Isaac Newton Academy (INA) in 2013 and will be sitting his GCSE exams this coming summer. He decided to apply to Eton College earlier this year “My dad was very supportive when I told him I wanted to apply to Eton. I had heard about Eton through the news and knew that 19 Prime Ministers had attended the college for their education. I think that it has a lot of facilities that will help me excel and the boarding aspect appeals to me as I have experience of that from my Phillips Exeter Academy trip. Eton appears to have a lot of extracurricular activities, like INA, that I can get involved in and really benefit from. I am really excited about starting there in September 2018”.     


Hamza is a school prefect and has served on the INA School Council. He has a keen interest in politics and presented thoughtful and articulate arguments at the time of the Brexit referendum, giving a strong speech at a Youth Conference last year. Hamza has sought opportunities to extend his knowledge of science and is a regular attender at UCL public science lectures.


After being shortlisted for the Scholarship, Hamza was invited to spend 4 days at Eton and undergo a series of interviews and tests. “It was an excellent opportunity to get an insight into Eton. The school is more than 500 years old and they had a range of unique testing methods, for example my teamwork skills were assessed in a room which had whiteboards walls and tables, with a two way mirror from which I was observed planning an assembly with 3 people I had not met before”.


In 2015, Hamza was one of six students in his year group to attend Phillips Exeter Summer School in the USA. Philips Exeter Summer School is an opportunity for INA students to participate in a 5 week programme of Harkness lessons, sports, drama, excursions, learning and socialising.


Speaking about his recent experience at Eton, Hamza said “It was a rigorous process but, due to the opportunities offered at INA, I was well prepared and able to use my experiences of BRIDGES interviews and Phillips Exeter Summer School trip to confidently partake in the testing.”


The BRIDGES framework (standing for Bravery, Resourcefulness, Integrity, Discovery, Grit, Emotional Intelligence and Self-Discipline) underpins the ethos, curriculum and policies at Isaac Newton Academy. Students receive assemblies, weekly lessons and one-to-one mentoring sessions to develop their BRIDGES characteristics and learning dispositions that we believe are fundamental to being an effective learner and to success and fulfilment in life.


Rachel Macfarlane, Principal of Isaac Newton Academy, says “Hamza is an exemplary role model at INA. He is a high performing student across the board, is hardworking, respectful and altruistic in disposition. He will be a huge asset to Eton College”.