Spring Celebration 2018

The Spring Celebration will take place on Wednesday 28th March at 6:30pm. It promises to be a fantastic festival of music making, with over 300 students from Year 1 up to Year 12 performing pieces they have been rehearsing this term. The students have worked incredibly hard and the standard promises to be higher than ever! There will be music from all over the world, sung and played on different instruments. We also have an exciting cameo in store for you.


Tickets for the event will be £1 for adults and 50p for children under 18. They will be available at Secondary KS3 Reception and at Primary Reception. Performers will have first priority and tickets will go on sale for the whole school community from Monday 26th March. Please contact the school with any queries around costs of tickets and potential group discounts at info@isaacnewtonacademy.org.


The performance will run until approximately 8:30pm, although owing to the unpredictable nature of a large-scale event like this I’m sure you will understand that this time is only an estimation! If your child is performing, they should wear all black with a splash of red. 


We really hope you are looking forward to this event and can make the time to come and support our students.