Year 7 Redbridge Cross Country Championships

On Wednesday 22nd April INA took the year 7 Cross country team to their first ever event, The Secondary Redbridge Cross Country Championships 2015.

All team members performed very well and really showed great determination to run such a long distance. The following students participated in the event:

Boys: Ilyas Vaseem , Musa Bukhari , Ayman Oulad- Lafkuih , Luke (Lucas) Overton , Arjun Sandhu, Cian Clinton.

Girls: Kaiya Greenidge, Shakurra Wellington, Sehmi, Mya, Sumayyah Ali , Nehaal Khandwalla, Khadija Chaudhry.

A big congratulations goes to Ayman Oulad- Lafkuih who finished an outstanding 31st place out of more than 300 students.