Bloomberg L.P Trip

Monday 8 Jun 2015

Last week I and twenty nine other children went to the Bloomberg trip. Bloomberg, the global business and financial information and news leader, gives influential decision makers a critical edge by connecting them to a network of information, people and ideas. 

In order to get there we travelled on trains. Once we arrived at the Bloomberg building we had to get our name tags made because we could not enter without it. Then we were taken to another room full of other Ark Academes There we had an introduction to Bloomberg and what people at Bloomberg did. We were also informed about how Bloomberg started, which was in 1981by Michael Bloomberg with the help of Thomas Secunda, Duncan MacMillan, and Charles Zegar. 

After the introduction we had three talks by people who worked at Bloomberg. The first was about analytics, the second was about computer coding and the last talk was about journalism. All three talkers spoke about the basics of each of their topics and how analytics, computer coding and journalism help the Bloomberg Company. After a quick snack we carried on with another activity. 

We then began a speed interviewing activity. In this activity we got into pairs and had to interview an employee of the Bloomberg Company. During this activity we asked questions like what job do you do? Did you always know what you wanted to do? and what skills are needed for your job? From this activity I was able to learn quite a few things. For example changing your career path is fine as long as you have a job that you are happy with and that it is fine if you do not have a fixed mind set you can just work it out as you go along.  

Lastly we had a tour of the Bloomberg office, which was very nice and modern. I quite liked the fact that there was one color per floor and the amount of amazing fish tanks they had around their office. The person, who was giving us a tour, said that the reason they had so many fish tanks was because it created a peaceful environment. After our tour we headed back to school.  

Overall the Bloomberg trip was a good experience and it taught me quite valuable life lessons. For example, it is fine to change your career path if it means you can do a job that you really enjoy. 


By Jasleen Puaar