Barcelona Trip

Thursday 11 Jun 2015

During the May half-term, 30 students and 4 brave staff members went to Spain for 5 days to experience the magic of Barcelona. We left school on Tuesday 26th May and after a few teary parents waved goodbye to our enthusiastic and eager hispanists, we were on our way to Luton for the flight to Barcelona. The week that followed was spectacular.  The Spanish weather could not have been better with 5 wonderful days of sunshine and temperatures between 25 and 27 degrees all week.  Here is what one of our students had to say about the experience:

‘Going to Barcelona seemed like an exciting yet scary idea at first. When we arrived on the first day and looked around, nearly everything was in Spanish! From road names to shops to general places. 

When we had our first free time I was scared that we would get lost but there were enough landmarks nearby to make sure we recognised where we were. On the second day we went to the market and we had an activity to do in groups. During our lunch time each group got a challenge; ours was to get a picture of an ostrich egg. The market was very busy and full of lots of different things so it was very difficult to find our way round. I went round, saying ‘huevos grandes?’ to people which meant big egg, and although it seemed like a bad phrase it helped us get the ostrich egg. We explored the market and tried out different Spanish food. 

On the third day we went to Nou Camp which was an amazing place to be. We saw many trophies and other really cool items. On Friday we went from the North of Barcelona to the South and we spent 3-4 hours at the beach which was really fun. This was followed by our last evening meal at a Tapas restaurant where we ate many different Spanish snacks; some tasted weird and others tasted delicious.

Finally on Saturday we went to ‘La Sagrada Famalia’ which was a huge beautiful cathedral designed by Gaudi. My Spanish has become more spontaneous and fluent after coming back from Spain it. Although at first communication was difficult, it got easier as the days went on. All in all I thought the trip was very enjoyable as well as educational. By Halema Anjum


To say we were proud of the students’ integration into Spanish Society would be an understatement. I can safely say they were a joy to be with and their level of Spanish on the journey home blew us all away. 

 Ms. Davies, Head of Languages