Guest Speaker from Wadham College, Oxford

On Wednesday 16th September we welcomed Emily Cannon from Wadham College, Oxford who gave talks to our Year 10 students and our Year 7 students.

Our Year 7 students were given a great introduction to some interesting facts about universities. We discovered that Manchester University has the greatest number of students
at 39,000 and Oxford is the oldest university in the UK. Students had the chance to find out about some of the more unusual courses that are on offer such as Egyptology. Students also saw the courses that Oxford University offers and they were able to ask questions about subjects they might not yet have been exposed to such as Classics. The students saw that most careers do not require a specific degree and that achieving a high quality degree would be a great entry into most careers.

The Year 10 talk was more focused on the steps students would need to take between now and successfully completing their university applications. Students were encouraged to work hard at every stage so that they could achieve the best grades possible. Students were also advised to think deeply about A level choices made so that as many options remained open as possible when making a university application. Finally Ms Cannon stressed the importance of being genuinely passionate about the subject that was being applied for. Passion itself was not enough, students were urged to show evidence of their deeper interest in the subject through ‘super curricular’ activities such as wider reading around the subject and attending talks.