Ypres Trip - Belgium

On Friday 23rd  October, 72 Year 9 students and eight members of staff went to Ypres, in Belgium, for a day trip to learn about life in the trenches during World War One, put the war poetry they had been learning in English into perspective and experience the Belgian culture.

The students were a joy to be with and their level of maturity, understanding and empathy was particularly impressive. I am also very grateful to the staff who accompanied us, as without them this trip would not have been possible. 

'There were many things that I liked about the Belgium trip. The best thing was going around the trenches and being in the same conditions that the soldiers were in WW1. Another thing that I really liked about Belgium was when we got to explore the town and buy the Belgian chocolates!’ Omar Gill 9I

'I really enjoyed this trip as it was very helpful for us in our history lessons and for also for our general knowledge. I also enjoyed the coach ride with my friends from the school.  I think that the trip was worth the money as we got to walk around the trenches visit an important museum and learn a lot' Vikram 9S

Sarah Balsdon (Head of Humanities)