Year 9 Physics experience at Newnham College Cambridge

On Monday the 9th November 10 year 9 the following year 9 students were selected based on their high levels of attainment in Maths and Science to visit the prestigious Newnham College in Cambridge and walk the same hallowed halls as alumni such as Rosalind Franklin, Jane Goodall, Sylvia Plath and Emma Thompson.

Zaynab Mahiya 9A

Amal Sohail      9S

Haider Waqar    9C

Omar Gill             9I

Isahni Punj          9S

Alfie Southall     9T

Anushri Menon 9T

Gurinderjot Singh 9T

Husna Umarji     9W

Tahsin Waher    9W


“We arrived at the University and listened to an encouraging talk about the courses universities offer. We went on a tour around a campus which made us think about the aspects of life at a university. We also participated in experiments and a talk on Astronomy to experience the manner of teaching at a University” – Amal Sohail 9S

“The Trip to Newnham College was a good experience for me to learn about the life of a student for the future. On this trip I learnt many  things such as what it is like to live at a college. We also went to the Cavendish laboratory which is one of the best research laboratories in the world. The best part of the trip was definitely when we got to do experiments with giant Jenga blocks!” – Omar Gill 9I

As always the students were a credit to our school and upheld the values we have come to expect from students at Isaac Newton Academy. It was a pleasure to accompany them to such a highly regarded scientific institution.

A Clift-Matthews

Head of Science