Community Languages GCSEs

Does your son/daughter speak a language other than English at home e.g. Italian, German, Russian, Urdu, Bengali, Polish, Turkish, Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese? Can he/she read and write the language to a good standard?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to these questions, your child may be able to take an early entry GCSE in the language at INA.

Students will need to study independently for the exam. The school will supply past papers for students to practise and will pay the exam entry fees but we are unable to offer any tuition in the language. Students will need to make a commitment to studying independently for the exams.

What happens next?

Ms Spencer will be talking to students about the process in assemblies in the week beginning 17th November. Any students interested in finding out more should attend a meeting with Ms Spencer and Mr Crowther Green on Tuesday lunchtime. Ms Spencer will distribute a past paper GCSE paper and a mark scheme for the language for students to do at home. Parents will need to mark the paper and students should return it to Ms Spencer by Monday 23rd November. The school will then make
a decision as to whether the student can be entered for the exams next summer. Mr Crowther-Green will contact parents directly to discuss the decision. Should a student not be deemed ready to take the exam, he/she may be able to take it the following year.

If you would like to would like more information or you would like to discuss the matter further, please contact Ms Spencer or Mr Crowther-Green.