Visit to Phillips Exeter

Thanks to the generosity of Mr Griffin, Ms Ahmed and Ms Rudd both had the privilege of visiting his old school, Phillips Exeter, during the second part of the October half- term holiday. During the two days that they spent there they observed a total of fourteen separate lessons between them, ranging from Physics to Philosophy, alongside their own subjects, Maths and English, of course!

In every lesson they saw students leading their own learning through the use of the Harkness method, which students here at INA use in their subjects once a half-term at least. While no two Harknesses were the same, they did have some key things in common, including the impressive preparation students were doing for I/L before arriving to each lesson; students' willingness to make both educated guesses and mistakes; and students' insatiable curiosity, which spurred them on to make some truly fascinating discoveries.

Inspired, Ms Ahmed and Ms Rudd spent one more day out in the States, visiting the prestigious universities MIT and Harvard, where they were blown away not only by the beauty, but also the opportunities available to students from all over the world, including INA!