INA visits UCL

On Friday 20th of November 20 students gave up their Friday evening to attend a public science lecture at UCL. Braving the rush-hour commuter travel these students got to experience what it is like to attend a university science lecture and learn about mirror molecules and how they impact on the world of Pharmacology. They even had to endure listening to Mr Clift-Matthews nostalgic stories about being taught in the very same lecture hall!

I want to thank the students for their patience in a packed out lecture hall and for being great ambassadors to the school. Though the lecture was exceedingly complex they did not
look out of place in a room full of sixth form students and it leaves me very excited for the day when they study A-Level Chemistry with me!

The next instalment is on the 11th of December with a lecture titled “Would you really leave your family to go? Colonising Planet Mars as a one-way venture” by Professor Alan Aylward of the UCL Department of Physics & Astronomy. I will look forward to another glimpse into the sixth form future of our students.

Mr A.Clift-Matthews

Head of Science