INA's trip to KCL

On Wednesday 16th of December 40 students from Years 9 & 10 attended a medical school workshop at Kings College Medical School.

“We went to Kings College for a medical workshop led by students in their second year studying medicine. We took part in a number of activities to develop our clinical skills, such as learning to take someone's blood and practising stitches, which proved to be more difficult then it looked. We also tried CPR and learnt how to save someone's life if they were choking or experienced a heart attack. The tour of the campus showed us what I'd be like to be a medical student in future, and was a valuable experience for the future”.

Neha Rajput& Aishwarya Year 10

“Kings College was a great experience. We took part in a medical workshop learning how to draw blood, perform CPR, measure our blood pressure and perform key-hole surgery and stitches. Learning these skills was a lot more difficult than they looked; however it was great fun. We also went on a tour of the campus and experienced what it would be like to be a medical student”.

Ishani & Zaynab Year 9