Year 8 Bedfordshire

Thursday 21 January 2016

Year 8 had an interesting and enjoyable day at the University of Bedfordshire’s Luton Campus, getting a feel for what university life is like.

Students were engaged throughout the days and asked really good question, making most of this fantastic opportunity.

The Lead Outreach Worker at the University emailed after the visit to say:

“Your students have been a great pleasure to host and my colleagues and I were impressed with their behaviour and ideas.”

Students heard about many aspects of university study including: university applications, the range of courses and subjects on offer; the variety in university students; and, what a weekly study timetable might look like.

Throughout the day, the importance of developing BRIDGES dispositions, particularly independence, organisation and curiosity, for successful study at university-level was very clear as students balance their academic studies, extra- curricular and super-curricular activities, along with work, travel and volunteering.

Activities during the day include a quizabout higher education, a session about what a ‘typical’ university student looks like, a STEM team challenge, a tour of the campus and lots of questions and answers.

All the teachers attending enjoyed the day and were proud of our Year 8 cohort as ambassadors for INA and look forward to offering further higher education experiences. As part of supporting this event and future opportunities, please make a £5 contribution towards the trip if you haven’t already, either on WisePay or hand in to Reception. This goes towards the travel and other costs associated with organising fantastic trips and experiences like this one.

We hope this trip has encouraged our students to look ahead and start thinking about their future pathways.


Eva McEvoy