Chromebooks - Digital Device Programme

Every student from Year 3 upwards can collect a Chromebook from school. The digital devices will come with all of the apps and software your child needs to support their learning without any charge to you.


The chromebook laptop will provide your child with more time for learning at home, this includes:

  • Completing usual home learning on their device via MS Teams
  • Working through online learning materials that the school has shared
  • Researching topics for school projects
  • Pre-reading articles or watching videos in advance of a new topic at school
  • Completing quizzes to check learning from lessons during the day or week
  • Communicating with teachers and accessing lessons in the case of absence from school only via MS teams
  • Studying and revising independently


If your child has not been issued with a Chrombook, please do the following:


Once we have received a completed Digital Home School Agreement, the chromebook device will be issued to your son/daughter. It is important to note that Chromebooks are monitored and can be accessed remotely by the school. This is a significant advantage to using personal devices at home, as parents/carers can be assured that their child is working safely whilst online. Furthermore, these devices support with our student’s well-being, as they are programmed to switch off in the evenings at 20:00. We strongly encourage that students use their INA Chromebook for their professional work and any other device they may have at home for their ‘personal’ work.


If you have any questions, please contact Alternatively, your son/daughter can ask their tutor or Pastoral Leader.