Welcome to Isaac Newton Academy Sixth Form

Welcome from our Head of Sixth Form

Welcome to Ark INA Sixth Form, where pursuing social justice is at the very heart of who we are and what we do.  

Preparing students for their next steps and to be leaders who exemplify our BRIDGES ethos is a bold mission and one we take very seriously in Sixth Form.

We believe that the young people in our community deserve a place in the top universities and apprenticeships of this country and we endeavour to ensure no one is left behind. So how do we do it?

We are inspirational – Our young people benefit from Ofsted rated outstanding teaching and inspiring teachers, coaches and mentors who push our students to go beyond the curriculum and the four walls of the classroom.

We are aspirational – Our young people are given access to opportunities, experiences, and networks with those at the very top of their professions. Our students are encouraged to go for the best Universities and apprenticeships.

We have high expectations – Our young people recognise that when the tide rises all the boats go up. The BRIDGES values are not something simply said, but they are embodied in each member of the community to ensure that no one is left behind. We expect the best so only the best can be given.

We are a successful and encouraging place to study for the right student with the right ambition and intention. If you would like to join this movement then register your interest and join us in 2021.

I look forward to meeting you

Oliver Taylor

Why study at INA Sixth Form?

  1.  Outstanding teaching and learning (Ofsted 2018)
  2.  Outstanding examination outcomes and destinations
  3.  A brand new, custom built, dedicated Sixth Form area on the 3rd floor including a dedicated ICT study suite, a Sixth Form library, a 3G football pitch, state of the art music facilities and specialist Sixth Form dining provision
  4.  Super-curricular opportunities for you to delve deeper into your favourite subjects
  5.  Excellent links with universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Russell Group and employers
  6.  Dedicated pastoral care to support you in making an informed choice about your next steps
  7.  The opportunity to access Ark network support and opportunities, including Ark bursaries, and support to study at universities abroad
  8.  Student leadership opportunities across the primary and secondary phases
  9.  Exciting extra-curricular clubs and trips
  10.  The opportunity to become experienced in student-led seminar style learning discussions (Harkness teaching) and to apply to study at Philips Exeter Academy Summer School in the USA


Each year students from across the Ark Schools network have the opportunity to apply for one of our university bursaries donated by supporters of the Ark Schools network. The bursaries are awarded to students who have not only shown great academic potential but those who have been committed to school and their community. These range from £3000 for the first year only to £30,000 across the length of the university course. The bursary students will become part of the Ark alumni network, with opportunities to participate in different activities and events to gain valuable skills, insights and experiences. Isaac Newton Academy student Imtiyaz recently benefited from being awarded the prestigious Reuben Oxbridge Scholarship bursary of £22,500 to support him during his undergraduate studies. Imtiyaz is now studying Computer Science at Christ College, Cambridge.     

University and Careers Support

We support all students fully throughout the university application process, from selecting courses to preparing for interviews and entrance examinations. As part of the Ark network we have an unrivalled range of opportunities provided by the Ark University and Careers Success Team. You will have access to employability workshops, workplace visits, guest speakers, mentoring programmes and work experience opportunities through numerous corporate partners including: KPMG, Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan, Bloomberg and Thompson Reuters. Furthermore, the Ark network has partnerships with a range of excellent universities which will support you with the application process and give advice and guidance about course and university choice.

Project Oxbridge & Project Healthcare

We provide dedicated support programmes for the most competitive pathways:  
  • Oxbridge: support with course choice, admissions tests, mock interviews and tutoring
  • Healthcare courses: expert admissions advice, mock interviews, insight into medical professions
  • US universities: expert admissions advice

Phillips Exeter Academy Opportunity

Every year, six INA students (three from Year 8 and three from Year 12) are selected to attend Phillips Exeter Summer School. The students spend five weeks away from their families on the Eastern seaboard of the USA. They learn alongside students from across the globe and are immersed in the Harkness style of learning, becoming experts in their own right.   Students are transferring the skills they learn through Harkness to other activities at INA, as evidenced by them presenting confidently and leading discussions in classrooms and during interviews.   

Work Experience Opportunities

At INA we have already built strong relationships with a number of institutions who either offer work experience at their own companies or a means to accessing such opportunities.  Students have completed work experience at Morgan Stanley and, via the Nuffield Foundation, secured placements for two successive years at University College London (UCL).  Through TeachFirst and Young Professionals, students have completed work experience with various companies (in person and virtually). We have also established a tradition of students volunteering to work with ELHAP.   


At Isaac Newton Academy we have solid relationships with employers offering top apprenticeships. Students and staff are empowered and supported with applications, interview guidance, mentoring and workshops with top employers (including Capgemini, British Airways, Sky, Bloomberg etc.).  

Speakers' Programme

At Isaac Newton Academy our aim is to equip students with the knowledge, learning power and character necessary for success at university and beyond. The Speakers’ Programme support this mission as a mechanism to:
  • Inspire our students through hearing about the journey taken by the speaker to their current role.
  • Understand the roles that BRIDGES characteristics play in lifelong success.
  • Develop a curiosity and openness around professions and cultural experiences that might not sit with their chosen KS5 subjects.
  • Learn more about universities, different careers or new topics.
> click here to view some of our past speakers    

Professional Pathways

Professional Pathways is a sixth form programme offered exclusively at Ark Schools. The course is a high quality, vocational alternative to A-levels, ensuring students develop the skills they need to succeed at university and throughout their careers.  Click here to read more about Professional Pathways.