For hundreds of years since Isaac Newton first wrote his paper on his ideas on gravity, physicists have been searching the universe for the true nature of the forces that govern us. Only recently they have found the first dark galaxy, a galaxy that doesn’t seem to want to follow our understanding of how gravity works. The world of physics needs fresh minds and studying A-level physics at Isaac Newton Academy could be the beginning of your journey to solving the many mysteries that still exist.

Practical physics skills are at the heart of our curriculum and we value that technical expertise as key to success at university and beyond. Physics is an extremely versatile science and It is well regarded as an analytical and mathematical subject that opens doors to futures in finance, business, programming and research. Physics is the key science for further study in physics and engineering and our team has experience in stretching pupils to reach top Russell Group universities for these subjects.

What will I study?

Students will follow the AQA A-level Physics course. Topics will include:

  • Particles and radiation
  • Waves
  • Mechanics and energy
  • Electricity
  • Fields
  • Nuclear Physics

Students will also study one topic from the following options modules:

  • Astrophysics
  • Medical physics
  • Engineering physics
  • Turning points in physics
  • Electronics

How can I prepare for the course?

Register with and have a go at challenging yourself to answering some A-level questions! As part of the A-level course, questions will be set regularly from here.

In the lead up to starting the Physics course at INA, we expect you to complete the following summer learning: Summer learning instructions.

The following books will ensure you are well prepared to start your A-level in Physics. Always ensure the book you are choosing corresponds to the AQA course.

CGP AQA A-level Physics revision range

Collins AQA A-level Physics support materials – Topics 1-3

Collins AQA A-level Physics support materials – Topics 4-5

Collins AQA A-level Physics support materials – Topics 6-7

Oxford AQA A-level Physics revision guide

The following are excellent websites to explore and expand your current understanding of Physics. They may be used throughout the course to find revision notes and past-paper questions.

Physics Net -