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What is Politics A level and why study it?

We are currently experiencing the most tumultuous political climate that we have faced in decades. In the aftermath of a pandemic, which has had far reaching consequences for millions, if not billions of people, what does the rest of this decade have instore for us? If the previous one is anything to go by there is potentially more political turmoil ahead. What better time to take on a new challenge and study a subject that will help provide clarity to these uncertain times?


This course requires students to explore numerous aspects of UK and global politics. Students will debate ideologies, systems of government and the political history of both the UK and the USA. Students will be required to grasp complex political ideas and will start to embrace and understand their own political viewpoints. Students will also develop critical thinking skills and cultivate their ability to write effectively. Our department will provide a contemporary and demanding curriculum, which, through the use of case-studies and illustrative examples will create a clear and constant link between what you are learning in the classroom and what is taking place at Westminster.


We believe that Politics is not just a topic you study; it is an area that you should participate in. This means we will provide a broad and varied super-curricular programme, including the opportunity to engage in debate tournaments, trips to Parliament and the Supreme Court, and to various universities’ public lectures.


Areas Studied Include:

  • UK Democracy
  • UK Government
  • Core Political Ideas, including Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism
  • Non-Core Political ideas, including Feminism
  • USA Government and Politics


Where next?

Students who study Politics A-level find that it acts as an excellent accompanying subject to a variety of degree courses and can lead to a wide range of possible career paths. Students can expect to gain many transferable skills, which will help them to access a wide range of different university courses. Many students can carry on their studies in complementary subjects such as International Relations, Law, History, Journalism and Politics at degree level.


This course opens up many career opportunities in a wide range of disciplines. Many students choose to progress their career in Politics, the Civil Service or Government Departments. Careers in law and Legal Services are also popular destinations.


What are the entrance requirements?

Grade 6 in GCSE English language


Grade 6 in a Humanities subject preferred


Who do I need to see for more information?

Mr Lennox, Head of Politics or Mr Taylor, Teacher of Politics