At Isaac Newton Academy our aim is to equip every student with the knowledge, learning power and character necessary for success at university and beyond. With this in mind we recognise the contribution of sport and PE in supporting young people to be holistically healthy and to support with their well-being. Isaac Newton Academy is committed to providing all pupils with opportunities and experiences which enable them to lead healthy and active lifestyles. The Reception, KS1 and KS2 PE curriculum is dedicated to developing fundamental movement skills in all pupils, in order to increase confidence in a range of physical activities. During PE lessons, pupils develop their agility, balance and coordination through gymnastics, dance, games and athletics, whilst also building pupil’ self-esteem, teamwork and leadership skills.


Within Reception, pupils acquire the knowledge and physical awareness to be able to run, jump, throw and catch as well as copy simple movement patterns through dance; at KS1, pupils develop their core strength, flexibility and balance by imitating and creating gymnastics and dance sequences. They also deepen their coordination and agility skills through a variety of games activities based upon object manipulation using the hands and feet. Throughout lower KS2, pupils begin to experience a wider range of activities, including hockey, swimming and outdoor adventurous activities (OAA). OAA involves the pupils using their teamwork and collaboration skills to solve practical problems within the school premises. In year 3 and upwards, pupils begin to create their own paired and grouped gymnastics displays and dance routines developing their communication and leadership skills.


PE at INA aims to create an enjoyable environment which encourages pupils to perform in both healthy competition and cooperative tasks by generating challenging opportunities for all. At Reception, pupils’ physical development is measured against the EYFS Gross Motor Skills criteria and within KS1 and 2, assessment moves in line with the National Curriculum strategy. INA has developed a unique assessment criterion for KS1 and 2 which is based upon the fundamental movement skills of agility, balance and coordination which is tracked termly. Through the activities detailed above, pupils are encouraged to consciously develop sporting values such as fairness and respect, alongside continually building upon their BRIDGES characteristics within lessons.


Each year, INA hosts a primary sports day where all pupils participate in a range of sporting activities in the fantastic Cricklefield Athletics Stadium. This provides pupils with an opportunity to compete with their peers and set school records, as well as allowing the parents to feel part of the school community. Our fantastic secondary Sports Leaders support in the planning and organisation of this event. INA annually hosts a KS1 multi-skills event, where pupils from local schools come together to participate in a variety of sporting activities in a fun environment. During the Spring term, our pupils perform in a Spring Spectacular show, where they perform the gymnastics and dance displays that they have been learning and practising within lessons to their parents and carers.


PE at INA Primary largely takes place within the school hall and on our AstroTurf MUGA (Multi Use Games Area). However, for enriching experiences such as sports day, multi-skills events and the annual Spring Spectacular, we also utilise both Cricklefield Athletics Stadium and the secondary school sports facilities.


We have a wealth of equipment, from gymnastic vaults and wall apparatus to differentiated skills equipment which enables all pupils to progress within lessons and master new skills. Our pupils begin swimming lessons in Year 2 and continue to do this for one whole term each year.


Primary PE and Sports Premium Funding

Annual government funding is received by all primary schools to enable them to fund and make additional sustained improvements to the quality of PE, physical activity and sport within schools to ensure all young people have the opportunity to live healthy and active lives. Further information can be found on the following link:




Total Amount of Sports Premium received (2020-2021)

Total Amount of Sports Premium received (2021-22)

Total Amount of Sports Premium to spend
Isaac Newton Academy £20,500 £20,500 £40,500
  Only £500 was spent last academic year due to Covid so £20,000 carry over.    



Areas of Priority in 2021-2022

  1. The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity
  2. Increased confidence, knowledge, and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  3. Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  4. Increased participation in competitive sport



Objective Cost Rationale
Provide transport to and from swimming lessons for Years 2, 3 & 4 £7,500 For the safety and efficiency of time, transport will be provided to take the pupils to and from the local swimming pools.
Provide financial support for lower income families to enable all students to access swimming lessons in Years 2, 3 & 4 £1,500 Pupils in receipt of Free School Meals are assisted financially with a reduced cost to swimming lessons to ensure all pupils can take part.
Provide financial support for lower income families to enable Year 5 & 6 pupils to attend outdoor education through a residential experience £3,500 Pupils in receipt of Free School Meals are assisted financially with a reduced cost to the residential trip ensuring all pupils can take part.
Provide specialist secondary PE teaching and leadership across the primary phase £10,000 As an all through school we are able to use the expertise of the secondary colleagues to support and deliver high quality lessons across the primary phase and to offer CPD to our primary colleagues, enabling for increased levels of physical fitness.    

A TLR is paid to one of the secondary PE team to lead PE across the primary phase, this role includes planning all lessons for primary colleagues, organising resources and offer CPD and organise events such as our Primary Sports Day and Spring Spectacular.

Provide surfacing and additional equipment to promote physical development for the EYFS outdoor space £9,400 A section of concrete flooring close to the EYFS classrooms will be converted with a softer/safer play flooring installed to increase the participation and choice of equipment that can be used during afternoon exploration play.  This will encourage the pupils to want to use more active play equipment and develop their large motor skills.
Provide resources for PE/Sport lessons   £1,000 Resources are replenished regularly and also ensuring they allow for the full curriculum to be taught effectively.    

New basketball hoops to be installed on the MUGA areas to used for lessons and during playtimes.

Provide sporting equipment for enrichment sessions £500 Enrichment clubs include Zumba, Tag Rugby and Dance – resources are purchased to support staff in delivering the clubs effectively and encouraging full participation.
Provide equipment to support with the Bikeability programme in Years 3 & 4 £500 Pupils are taught how to ride a bike safely as well as the basics around maintaining their bike.  Spare helmets, bibs and bikes are available for those pupils that need equipment to enable participation.
Provide specialist sporting facilities through the hiring of Cricklefield Athletics Stadium £2,200 Use of the Athletics Stadium.
Provide additional space to house sports and PE resources £2,000 Storage spaces need extending and replacing to position equipment both inside and outside for use in the Sports Hall and MUGA allowing for easier access for both staff and students.
Provide playground markings to enable the ‘mile a day’ to take place £1,000  
Provide specialist gymnastics support and CPD to all primary staff £1,000 Gymnastics has been highlighted as an area for staff development.  Specialist gymnastic coaches from Redbridge to deliver CPD for primary staff to ensure they are confident in their delivery of lessons including the use of the gym equipment
Provide annual safety checks to equipment such as the MUGA and gymnastics wall bars etc. £400 Gym equipment is checked on an annual basis.
Total Spend £40,500