Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 Drama at Isaac Newton Academy aims to develop a wide range of skills that will support students in their learning across the curriculum and in their lives as a whole. The content of the Drama curriculum is rich and varied, including schemes of learning that are;

  • text-based - exploring Shakespeare and other plays practically whilst also developing literacy skills
  • issue-based - for example, exploring civil rights, peer pressure, social isolation etc. helping students to develop their empathy skills
  • skills-based - for example, learning practical techniques in masked drama, physical theatre and voice work

Assessment focuses on three main areas of Drama learning:

Creating - This area of Drama helps students to develop their creative and collaborative skills and every single Drama lesson includes an element of group work. Students are given the chance to lead and motivate one another, to plan and prioritise, to support and help one another. Through working collaboratively with their peers students develop stronger working relationships and grow in confidence.

Performing - This area of Drama helps students to develop presentation and communication skills which will assist them in a range of situations from job and university interviews, to speaking at meetings, delivering speeches, and having confidence when meeting new people.

Responding - This area of Drama develops students speaking and listening skills. A large part of Drama learning takes place through discussion of key concepts and evaluation of drama work, through which students are able to develop verbal reasoning skills and the art of constructive criticism.

The Year 7 Drama curriculum focuses on key communication skills, including clear speech and vocal projection, as well as developing skills in physical storytelling and non-verbal communication. Year 7 is a time for students to develop great collaborative learning relationships and to explore their potential to lead, organise and motivate others.

The Year 8 Drama curriculum brings into focus some key PSHE topics, most especially peer pressure and the way our behaviour can be influenced by and affect others. Students are given the opportunity to look at a variety of issues from a range of different perspectives, and to consider the ways in which Drama can be used to communicate message and affect social change.

The Year 9 Drama curriculum gives students an opportunity to sample some elements of the GCSE Drama course, giving them a taster of what Drama learning will be like at KS4 and a chance to be assessed against GCSE exam criteria. Year 9 involves students working on longer-term projects, with a greater degree of independence and creativity.

Key Stage 4

Drama - Year 10

Drama - Year 11