The Mathematics Department at Isaac Newton Academy follows the Maths Mastery curriculum map which focuses on ‘depth before breadth’, ensuring that all concepts are consolidated and mastered before new ones are introduced. Students are encouraged to become independent learners who can appreciate a range of approaches to various questions. The curriculum is designed to ensure that students can make connections between different areas of mathematics and apply their skills and knowledge to solve problems in real life contexts.

Mathematics is a rich and varied subject, and students experience a wealth of concepts and skills throughout the curriculum, including algebra, geometry and statistics. We believe that all of mathematics can be appreciated more fully once a student has a deep appreciation of the number system, and therefore we put number sense and place value first. In Year 7, students spend the whole autumn term deepening their understanding of number; studying place value and the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in detail and from a variety of different aspects. At the start of Year 8, students are introduced to different types of numbers including negative numbers and irrational numbers before applying this knowledge to other topics such as algebra or geometry.  In Year 9, students build on their understanding in number, algebra, geometry and statistics and begin to tackle GCSE style problems.

The curriculum map for KS3 can be found here: PDF iconMaths KS3 Overview.

Maths Scheme of Learning for Years 7-9


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Autumn 1

Y7 Autumn 1 SOL overview HA 2018.19

Y8 Autumn 1 SOL overview HA 2018.19

Y9 Autumn 1 SOL overview HA 2018.19

Autumn 2

Y7 Autumn 2 SOL overview 2018.19 HA

Y8 Autumn 2 SOL overview HA 2018.19

Y9 Autumn 2 SOL overview HA 2018.19

Spring 1

Y7 Spring 1 SOL overview HA 2018.19

Y8 Spring 1 SOL overview HA 2018.19

Year 9 Spr 1 overview HA MA LA 2018-2019

Spring 2

Y7 Spring 2 SOL overview HA 2018.19

Y8 Spr 2 SOL 2018-2019 overview HA

Y9 Spr 2 SOL 2018-2019 overview HA

Summer 1

Y7 Summer 1 SOL overview HA 2018.19

Y8 Summer 1 SOL overview HA 2018.19

Y9 Summer 1 SOL HA overview 2018.19

Summer 2

Y7 Summer 2 SOL overview HA 2018.19 NEW

Y8 Summer 2 SOL overview HA 2018.19

Y9 SUMMER 2 SOL HA overview 2018.19

In Year 10 and Year 11, students begin their GCSE course in full, following the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics (9-1) Specification. Students study units from either the Higher or Foundation specification, with each unit lasting between 2-3 weeks.

The curriculum map for Years 10 and 11 can be found here: GCSE Maths Overview

Throughout the GCSE course, students are assessed using exam-style questions in order to best prepare them for the GCSE paper. Students are also regularly exposed to rich problems, encouraging them to become independent mathematicians, make connections and ask questions – all skills we believe are essential to successfully study mathematics at A-level and beyond.

As a Maths Specialist academy, the department regularly promote and organise many whole school events such as ‘Mathematician of the Moment’ , the much coveted ‘Maths relay competition’, as well as entering students into ARK-wide and national competitions such as the UK Mathematics Trust Maths Challenge.