Secondary Staff

Ms Joanne Spencer Interim Principal / Teacher of English
Ms Sugra Alibhai Vice Principal / Teacher of Maths
Ms Leanne Abbott-Jones Assistant Principal / Teacher of PE
Mr Alex Clift-Matthews Assistant Principal / Head of Science
Mr Mark Crowther-Green Assistant Principal / Teacher of Science
Ms Eva McEvoy Assistant Principal / Teacher of Maths & Computer Science
Mr David Wilson Assistant Principal /SENCO and Teacher of Humanities
Mr Patrick Ball Interim Assistant Principal / Lead Pastoral Leader/ Teacher of Humanities
Mr David Beattie Interim Assistant Principal / Head of PE
Mr Greg Coughlin Interim Assistant Principal / Head of Music
Mr Patrick Ball Lead Pastoral Leader KS3 / Teacher of Humanities
Ms Jody Lapish Lead Pastoral Leader KS4 /Teacher of PE
Mr Simran Athwal Pastoral Leader Year 11/ Teacher of English & Humanities
Ms Susan Skyers Pastoral Leader Year 10/ Teacher of Humanities
Mr Thomas Grifiths Pastoral Leader Year 9/ Teacher of Science
Mr Ade Barber Pastoral Leader Year 8/ Teacher of English
Mr Blaine Smith Pastoral Leader Year 7 / Teacher of Humanities
Ms Mariam Mayet Sixth Form Pastoral Leader/Teacher of Humanities
Mr Jagjeet Singh Sixth form Pastoral Leader/Teacher of Science
Mr Thomas Davoll Head of English
Ms Robin Rudd Teacher of English/ 2 i/c English
Ms Helen Atkinson Lead Teacher of Reading/Lead Practitioner in English
Ms Humaira Begum Teacher of English/Literacy Intervention
Ms Julie Chappell Teacher of English
Ms Kayleigh Dafoe Teacher of English
Ms Rhiannan Davies Teacher of English / KS4 Lead
Ms Afshan Khan Teacher of English
Ms Jakia Khan Teacher of English
Ms Chanell McCullagh Teacher of English
Ms Joanne Spencer Teacher of English / Interim Principal
Mr Oliver Taylor Teacher of English and Politics
Ms Asiya Khanom Head of Mathematics
Mr Chris Dukes Teacher of Mathematics / KS4 Coordinator
Mr Samuel Ludlow Teacher of Mathematics/ KS3 Coordinator
Ms Farhana Akther Teacher of Mathematics/Assistant PP Ambassador
Sugra Alibhai / Vice Principal Teacher of Mathematics
Ms Nazneen Anwar Teacher of Mathematics
Ms Magdalena Bisaccia Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Amardeep Dewal Teacher of Mathematics/ Ambassador for High Attainers
Ms Stacey Epler Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Ibrar Faiz Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Vishal Handa Teacher of Mathematics
Ms Vanessa Malik Teacher of Mathematics
Ms Eva McEvoy Teacher of Mathematics & Computer Science / Assistant Principal
Ms Titilope Olalekan Teacher of Mathematics
Dr Ross Mounsey Lead Teacher of Biology/Acting Second in Science
Ms Nasira Ahmed Lead Teacher of Chemistry
Ms Leila Al-Rashed Science KS3 Co-ordinator
Ms Jagdeep Chaggar Teacher of Science
Ms Karen Clarke Teacher of Science / Lead Teacher for Enrichment Provision
Mr Alex Clift-Matthews Teacher of Science / Assistant Principal
Mr Mark Crowther-Green Teacher of Science / Assistant Principal
Mr Denis Cranwell KS5 Applied Science Co-ordinator
Mr Dominik Golinski Lead Teacher of Physics
Mr Thomas Griffiths Teacher of Science / Pastoral Leader Year 9
Ms Yasemin Isik Teacher of Science
Mr Yusuf Mohammed Teacher of Science / Pupil Premium Ambassador
Ms Afsaneh Saleh-Jahromi Teacher of Science
Ms Beth Robson Head of ADT
Ms Nazia Bhutta Teacher of Design Technology
Ms Phoebe Suttie Teacher of Art
Ms Rapinder Kaur Lead Teacher of Business BTEC
Ms Shelly-Anne Clarke Teacher of Business BTEC
Mr Adam Rowe Head of Computer Science
Ms Monica Watkins Acting Head of Drama
Mr Brian O'Sullivan Teacher of Drama
Ms Selen Beled Lead Teacher of Economics/Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Bonolo Woracker Head of Humanities
Mr Patrick Ball Teacher of Humanities / Assistant Principal / KS3 Lead Pastoral Leader
Ms Mubina Bhikha Teacher of Humanities
Ms Prabhjot Gurm Lead Teacher of Geography/Teacher of Humanities
Mr Grant Higgins Teacher of Humanities
Ms Rebecca Priestley Lead Teacher of History/Teacher of Humanities
Mr Blaine Smith Teacher of Humanities /Pastoral Leader Year 7
Ms Roxana Stylianou Teacher of Humanities
Mr Julius Kejem Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Ms Zoe Coates Teacher of MFL/KS3 Coordinator
Ms Felicia De Peretti Teacher of MFL
Ms Enrica Ditta Teacher of MFL
Mr David Watson Teacher of MFL / KS4 Coordinator
Mr Greg Coughlin Head of Music
Ms Aleksandra Zembron 2 i/c Music
Mr Steven Beasley Teacher of Music
Mr Argyrios Kampanos Teacher of Music
Mr Andy Lambeth Peripatetic Music Teacher
Mr Mark Mansell Teacher of Music
Mr William Morgan Teacher of Music / i/c Primary Music
Ms Carla Randall Teacher of Music / Music TLR
Mr David Robinson Teacher of Music
Mr David Beattie Head of PE
Ms Leanne Abbott-Jones Teacher of PE / Assistant Principal
Mr Billy Healey Teacher of PE / i/c PE Enrichment
Ms Emma Hutson Teacher of PE / i/c Primary PE
Ms Eliz Ibrahim Teacher of PE
Mr Oli Marecar Teacher of PE / i/c Primary PE
Mr Robert Lennox Lead Teacher of Politics/ Teacher of Humanities
Ms Nasreen Jeewa Lead Teacher of Psychology/Teacher of Humanities
Mr David Wilson SENCO / Assistant Principal / Teacher of Humanities
Ms Amina Ahmed Lead Learning Assistant for Cognition & Learning
Ms Eileen Gosden SEND Learning Assistant
Mr Simon Gurm SEND Learning Assistant
Ms Mahjabeen Jalil Lead Secondary Learning Assistant
Ms Janet Moorton SEND Learning Assistant
Ms Atika Shah SEND Learning Assistant
Ms Sylwia Sluzewska SEND & Inclusion Administrator/Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Marina Youssef SEND Learning Assistant
Mr Andre Thomas Cover Supervisor/ Secondary Learning Assistant
Ms Muqaddasa Chaudhry Cover Supervisor/ Secondary Learning Assistant
Mr Femi Sani Cover Supervisor/ Secondary Learning Assistant
Mr Emmanuel Babajide Cover Supervisor/ Secondary Learning Assistant
Ms Joy Hooi-Narimas Sixth Form Study Centre Supervisor
Ms Madalina Bere Romanian Translator/Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Helen Chamberlain Finance and Resources Director
Ms Samantha Jones PA to the Principal
Ms Amreen Patel Secondary Academy Office Manager
Ms Sukhvinder Barm Academy Administrator / Receptionist
Ms Lobna Rahman Academy Administrator Officer
Mr Aidan Rothnie Data & Exams Officer
Ms Anu Patel Sixth Form Administrator
Ms Dorothy Azebiah Pastoral Administrator
Ms Thais Verhasselt Student Receptionist
  ADT Technician
Mr Oliver Iles Catering Manager
Ms Arshpreet Bath Catering Assistant
Ms Sadia Bedar Catering Assistant
Ms Semo Benning Catering Assistant
Mr Kamel Khellas Catering Assistant
Mr Roy Gillard Kitchen Porter
Mr Darren Thackaberry-Dalladay Finance Manager
Ms Julie Lawrence Finance Assistant
Ms Farhana Rahman Senior HR Officer 
Ms Learna Johnson-Clarke Librarian
Ms Susan Cole Assistant Librarian
Mr Connor Hanson Assistant Librarian
Mr Brian Bowry Senior Premises Manager
Mr Edward Cassidy Deputy Premises Manager i/c Primary
Mr Jordon Deady Premises Officer
Mr Leon Lewis Apprentice Premises Assistant
Ms Christie Christodoulou Lead Lunchtime Supervisor /  After Schools Club Supervisor
Ms Rubina Ahmedabadi Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Noreen Islam Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Sabine Jamil Secondary Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Shaima Khanum Secondary Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Shirin Kothia Secondary Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Audrey Lilley Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Nicola Macpherson Secondary Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Helen Bradshaw Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Shakara Choudhury Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Keith Darkins Lead Science Technician
Ms Renalyn De Guia Science Technician
Ms Georgina May Marketing, Digital Media & Comms Manager
Mr David Short Reprographics and Digital Media Technician
Mr Ebo Aidoo-Annan Lettings Officer
Mr Manpreet Singh Evening Lettings/Premises Assistant