Welcome to your INA Sixth Form Summer Transition Packs!

The summer holiday between Year 11 and Year 12 is the longest one you will have ever had! It is vital that you use this period to rest, recover, and enjoy yourself after the intense period of hard work and dedication you have experienced throughout the GCSE examination period.

It is also very important to use this period of time in an effective and productive way to ensure that you are best prepared for the start of Year 12 and to set yourself up for success throughout your time at Sixth Form.

A major part of being a Sixth Form student is about being more independent and taking the exciting responsibility to develop your own learning and broader character. All students are required to complete the Pastoral Transition Pack. In addition you will find an academic transition pack for each subject you have applied to study at Sixth Form. It is vital that you complete these to the highest standard you can as this will lay the foundation for academic success at the start of Year 12 and beyond. You should complete the relevant transition pack for every subject you have applied to study.

In addition to academic development and preparation, it is important to develop your broader character and gain exposure to a wide range of cultural opportunities. We are blessed to live in London – the capital city of the UK and one of the most diverse, historic, and culturally vibrant cities in the whole world. This summer will be about taking advantage of all the amazing opportunities that are literally on your doorstep.

The pastoral transition pack is for all students. It has been created to support you in achieving this goal of broadening your character and cultural exposure, and to make sure you have fun along the way! The experiences you have over this summer will also help you to form wonderful new relationships and friendships with your peers in your Year 12 cohort starting in September. Upon induction in the first week back to school, you will be required to discuss your experiences with your tutor group and peers.

Have fun, work hard, take advantage of every opportunity, and create a summer that you will remember!

Mr Taylor
Assistant Principal: Head of Sixth Form

Subject Transition Learning

Click below to access subject specific summer transition learning: 

All Students Art
Applied Science BTEC Biology
Business Studies BTEC Chemistry
Computer Science Economics
English Literature History
Mathematics Further Mathematics
Music Physics
Politics Psychology